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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 31 December 2017

I'm not sure that the speed of 2017 has got anything to do with Albert Einstein, but if his theory of relativity has got anything to do with it, then he should pull his grubby little fingers out of the black hole.

According to Neon Nettle:

'New agers suggest that time is speeding up due to a shift in consciousness that is coinciding with mass protests and world events. It is quite easy to see all the latest news stories that have hit the global mainstream media telling us about all these well-known people abusing children, and conspiracies that are not quite conspiracies anymore.

So why is time speeding up? It has been suggested that this phenomenon is due to humanity entering the fourth dimension. It has been suggested that time isn’t speeding up but that our consciousness is, and this causes the illusion of time speeding up. The American author, Dannion Brinkley believes that time is not speeding up, it is you who is changing, “we are in the midst of the changing face of time.” '

So thanks to Brinkley and Nettle time is just as it always was, interminable on a re-routed train drive home, lightning fast as the kids grow up, and chilling when life is at a standstill.


Well yes, miraculous to know that we are finally changing in the face of abominable leaders, robotic politicians, blind evangelicals and cynical mediamen.

May 2018 bring us proper seasons, growing awareness, the death of ignorance the birth of peace and the growth of compassion, understanding and love.

Roll on Year of the Dog.

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1. At December 31, 2017 5:11 PM June wrote:

Hi Jeni

Just wanted to wish you a joyful, healthy New Year.
Much love darling girl

June x

2. At January 7, 2018 12:08 AM Tish wrote:

2018 will be like so many previous years, too quick and full of nonsense! Nothing really changes.

3. At January 17, 2018 7:39 PM Joe wrote:

Hey Mrs Jeni Barnett!!
It's the borowski's here......... just wanted to drop a quick line and say we're all settling in well here and sort of finding our feet!!
We've finally ventured out and tried to discover some walks.........we've been used to catford high street!
Our nice, new neighbours recommended a walk, and once we found our courage, we embarked on a journey!!
We, today, found an avenue of trees and empty fields....... and a nice silence........ however, Leon, the boy, decided to disrupt that silence and let the locals know that the boy has arrived!!
I desperately tried to tell the kiddies, to keep the noise down, we're not in catford anymore!!
I also have no idea where the boundaries are...... layla and Leon ran amock, probably on the farmers land!
A tractor came roaring down the path, I panicked and grabbed the kids and the wifey, snatched them onto the verge and clasped them in my arms......... the wifey laughed and reminded me it wasn't south london!!
I felt a fish, deeply out of water...... but got some beautiful photos of the kiddies, running and collecting sticks down the avenue!
And.......... I think we might have spotted a big, red, splodge, on a tree!!
I reckon it was you!!
I apologise..... to all the locals.......for the excited noise our kids decide to make when in open, quite fields...... and to the annoyed ramblers!!
Sorry, we're from catford!!
We know nothing!!!
Happy new year to you!

Love the borowski's!

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