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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 21 February 2015

February 21st.


Big globular melting drops.

Scrambled eggs - just the one. So it should read Scrambled egg.

Coffee designed by the old git.

The attic awaits.


No sleep at all.

5.00 o'clock start.

5.40 taxi.

Big Polish driver who let me sleep.

GMTV 7.15.

On air 7.15

No make up.

No hair do.

On the bright, shiny sofa looking like a mattress.

Three and a half minutes of rubbish.

I was let off.

Big Merc. took me to White City.


Dave, knew an old school friend, had a family tragedy. We talked and talked. Well more truthfully I listened and listened.

Dropped off just after 8.00.


A lonely Friday morning. The BBC workers, rucksacks in tow walking to work. Felt like 'Metropolis', a grey kind of army.

'Starbucks' for breakfast.

So they don't pay their taxes - not surprised. Horrible outfit, they have about as much nouse and culinary skill as an abattoir.

I had their porridge. Paper cup, water and oats, dried fruit in a little cellophane bag, little pot of honey. It was truly disgusting.

Had so much time to fill I went next door to a foreign massage parlour. A Libyan girl, pretty and delicate, massaged my back and face. A few drops of oil and a few finger depressions. Was it worth the forty quid. I was too tired to know.

Had my second breakfast in the BBC canteen. One congealed fried egg, 2 sausages, four slices of crispy, salty bacon, baked beans, one bagel with butter and an apple juice. Of course I felt sick afterwards that kind of comfort eating never works.

Voice over, four lines and I was out.

Slow slouch to Charing Cross via the Central and Bakerloo lines.

11.45 to TWells.

Collected by the 'oosbind.

I was in my pjs by 1.30.

I slept last night till 4.00 then slumbered till 10.25!!!!!!

Jim's gone to buy gravel for the garden, I'm wending my way upstairs to the attic for the final push of the first episode.

Last night my beautiful nephews witnessed a hit and run by a chasing police car. A big dog flung 20foot in the air, bits of car embedded in its head. My nephew was arrested and charged a 100 fine for taking the Police to task. My great nephew, a goal keeper said it was the save he missed. He tried to stop the dog running into the road. The police let my nephew off, unlocking the handcuffs and letting him out of the back of the car. He accused them of lack of compassion. Were the police shamefaced? What do you think? They closed ranks. Both my nephews were heroes. The dogs owner is bereft. None of them slept well last night.

Would I have risked my freedom on behalf of compassion? Would you?

One dead dog in a field for the sake of a racing police car. One traumatised owner. One unrepentant police officer. Two heroic nephews.

'What a waste of life for a burn up', said the great nephew.

I wonder whether the police officer lost any sleep.....

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1. At February 25, 2015 10:11 PM Poppy peewee wrote:

Love your blog and sign in every few days to catch up on updates . Recently moved away from up the hill from Tun Wells to get away from the South East cr-p with who has what/who works where/how much my property is valued at/grammar schools /do you food shop at Waitrose or Lidl ?

Leave the rat race !

2. At March 2, 2015 12:27 PM 'L' wrote:

you look really sweet on GMTV Jeni!
Nice to get a glimpse of you. You are looking really well and sprightly! Your fitness regime is really paying off although you still have some trimming off to see to. (constructive criticism!! - Although lovable as you are!)
Let us know if you are going to be on air once again as I desperately miss your soothing voice. You are dearly missed.
Good luck with all.
Hugs and kisses,

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