Soggy Sunday

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 23 November 2014

The first of the Bafta films have arrived.

By 1.30a.m. we had watched two.

'Jimmy's Hall' Ken Loaches latest offering. Based on a true story of a free thinking man, it tells the tale of sectarian politics in Southern Ireland in the 30's.

Moments of powerful polemic and some arresting Irish music. It's both touching and telling. The Hall, in question is a meeting place for the young, art, boxing and poetry, symbolising freedom of expression pitted against The Church with it's conservatism.

It didn't pull at my heart strings but its a worthy film. We'd been to see TURNER and I wasn't totally pulled in by that either Mr. Spall is good, the women even better, but the whole film lacked an emotional centre for me.

After watching humans battling it out we decided to go down the epic route of 'The Dawn of the Planets of the Apes.' Its not the kind of movie I would ever pay to go and see, let alone sit in my own red bean bag nibbling walnuts whilst the likes of Andy Serkis run around in an ape costume taking on Gary Oldman and other human animals.

BUT I have to say that apart from the two cats fighting each other, not in the film but in our sitting room, the old git and I were riveted to our seats. It's formulaic, deeply clichéd, and some of the human animals acted rather lamely, but them old apes certainly gave us some Bafta nominated performances.

It was a quick scroll through 'Strictly', an even faster forward with X Factor and then Jonathan Ross. I can get through the dancing but the Tess Daley contribution sometimes makes me cringe.

I cannot sit with Simon, Louie, Ms Ferndez-Hows-Your-Papa and Mel Spice, the screaming crowd and the empty loneliness of the concept makes for very uncomfortable viewing, but in my capacity as a radio host, armchair pundit and downright busybody it is within my remit to watch popular television. It always reveals what a sorry state our nation is in.

The Audience baying like a brainless crowd of baboons, although having watched 'Planet of The Apes' the monkeys could give the Saturday night audience a run for their money. I get depressed if I watch too much naff television, feels like our world is closing in. Has it always been like that? Or is it just getting worse. Chasing the buck with toothless entertainment. Next thing we'll have people in the jungle eating animal testicles and scrapping with each other - What there is a programme like that hidden in the schedules? Nooooo.

Two games of Scrabble, I lost both, just one point between us on the second game. I'm now researching words with J, X and Z so I can thrash the old git. The score stands at 6-4 to him.

The rain is just drip, drip, dripping down. All thoughts of gardening have been put on hold.

I'm off to do the ironing, then into the attic for some writing.

I put my lenses in the wrong way round yesterday, I don't mean inside out I mean in the wrong eye. I had to spend the last of our Saturday shopping trip blind to what is around me. So what's new then? Says the husband of 37 years.

Thirty Seven years!

1977 and I was 28, childless, mortgage less, moneyless and as happy as Larry. If anybody would have told me I would have lasted nearly a lifetime with the same man I would have laughed in their face. He must be doing something right. Or that I was doing something righter, maybe it's my homemade Cauliflower Soup and the probability of more Scrabble.

Whatever, keep dry.

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1. At November 23, 2014 5:59 PM Suze wrote:

Soggy indeed. A stay-in Sunday. Watched your programme The 12 chefs of Christmas. I don't watch TV much and have gone off most food programmes but I love watching you. Your delight in food is infectious. Makes me want to make everything on the programme.
If you don't mind me saying, you have lost some weight too, which makes you look so healthy.

2. At November 25, 2014 7:02 PM 'L' wrote:

Jeni,you look absolutely fabulous and magical on the Food Network Christmas Hamper episode! Keep em comin!
Well done!

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