Made in Dagenham

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 6 November 2014

I thought it said 7.30.

We left the cottage at 5.00.

When I read the card again it said be seated by 6.45 Show starts promptly at 7.00.

The 'oosbind then drove like Sterling Moss, Jason Button and Lewis Hamilton all rolled into one.

I was clutching onto the door handle so tightly, it felt like we were riding through the mountains, that when we got to The Strand my fingers had locked.

Down the A21 like a rocket, onto the M25 the driver dodged and swerved -all within the speed limit I may add - until we reached Lewisham. I was counting the minutes. at the end of The Old Kent Road we had precisely 20 minutes to get to The Adelphi Theatre.

Jimbo got me there with one minute to spare. I was so flustered when I went to the loo I nearly forgot to pull my trousers up, I kid you not, I didn't know whether I was in Hell or High Water.

The show started and Jim was somewhere trying to park the car. Three songs down he arrived and plopped into a latecomers seat.

In the interval I took both my tights and one of my two remaining undergarments off as I was so hot and bothered.

GEMMA ARTERTON et al gave us their all in MADE IN DAGENHAM. I have never seen so many 'A' listers in the audience, I've never seen so many retirees under one roof.

Large women from the radio and skinny women on the arms of Marketing men.

The show came and went. It's heart is in the right place for sure. On the last chord the whole audience rose to its collective feet. Well done to them all.

We grabbed a taxi to get us to the after party which was a fiver away.

The noise, the canapés, the wine. The young waiters danced between us shoving indigestible comestibles, some of us stood by the swinging doors to make sure we got a bite of the bites. We left having hugged the right people and chatted to the wrong uns too. Many a glancing smile was thrown at nameless faces that were looking over the heads of other nameless faces.

I took my boots off and my one remaining underpiece. Now, wearing just trousers, Vivienne Westwood's t-shirt and a black and gold jacket I walked barefoot to Waterloo Bridge. The ground was freezing under foot.

We got home at 1.10

I watched the 12COCS which I had recorded, then fell into bed.

Today my body hurts from back seat driving.

I'm still not sure whether the Sarf Lunden Slalom was worth it.

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1. At November 10, 2014 11:51 AM 'L' wrote:

I think your body hurt mainly due to you prancing along Waterloo Bridge unsupported!!
Just letting my imagination run wild!
Lots of luv xxx

2. At November 11, 2014 9:52 AM Simon wrote:

I know this isn't relevant to the post but ... So happy to see you on Food Network! I used to love the show on Good Food, and still can't believe the decision to move you on. It's great to have you back on tv doing what you do. Blessings to you.

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