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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 16 October 2014

Paracetamol, did the trick. Who knew?

Paracetamol and three trips to my wonderful cranial osteopath.

Three trips and then I was back to hot yoga.

36 then 39 and higher.

For the first three classes my left thigh was so painful I had to skip some of the poses. But this morning, and yesterday I'm in there, bending and stretching - stretching and sweating.

I have been glued to my writing.

I had to cancel 8 different kinds of trips. Theatre performances, book launches, musicals, chocolate shows, film previews,all sorts of wonderments that were coming my way, but a combination of deadlines and pain glued me to the computer.

A combination of hip bruising, coccyx bashing and re-writes, has meant I have been holed up in the cottage.

Next door have got the workmen in. The other side have moved. The new neighbours are drilling and hammering, knocking and shaving. I wake up to the sound of a buzz saw. I'm not complaining. I like the noise.

The garden is overgrown and wet. The tomatoes are crammed together giving off that wonderful smell that fresh tomatoes give. The basil is finishing, the runner beans have jogged on and the courgettes are flowering their last huge yellow trumpets. The onions need digging up and there are three big beetroots left. The compost is so high a badger could build a set in it, the roses have blown their last leaves and the rain is just falling down.

I won't lie, this time without Jim has been long and arduous. Lonely and life changing. But I've pushed the boat of regrets and past dreams out into the ocean and have started to build new dreams.

Last year I was in America filming the West Coast Wine Adventure. We were meant to be going out to the East Coast and then the funding was held up. But it feels like we've been saved from security/ebola checks and an unstable USA.

Last year I was asked to be on I'm a Celebrity ....couldn't do it as I was filming in the US. This year I haven't been approached, which is not such a bad thing my family would have disowned me had I agreed to do it.

Last year this, last year that. I'm coming out of a very dark place but I start my advanced writing course on October 23rd. I cannot wait to sit in Hove actually and discuss writing words, structure and television drama.

I have written two episodes of my new comedy thingy and am resurrecting something I created 14 years ago. I remember Alan Aykbourn saying write a script put it in a drawer for twelve years then go back to it. It's interesting to see how I have changed since I first put pen to paper, not to mention the typing, I had an old PC, now I'm a MAC girl. Who'd have thought it.

I watched the APPRENTICE, is it just me or the young people on that show dim, nasty and cruel, or is it just the programme.

The rain is pitter pattering on the skylight. both cats are out, which means the duvet will be covered in muddy paw prints later on. The old man is coming home for two nights at the weekend with the first of his packed bags. He then has one week left and he's home. Of course we'll argue, but then we'll settle down to old people living.

The dawter has been invited to sing at a Ronnie Scotts on the 26th. Tickets have practically gone. Her proud parents will hide in the shadows.

And then it will be November, and then Christmas. I have a wadge of recipes from the 12COCS and I fully intend doing oysters and trifle, Mauritian prawn cocktail and salt dusted halibut. or I may just do a little turkey with trimmings, we'll see.

Thank you Pee Wee and L, and all of you. You are delightful constants in my life, thank you for being there.

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