mid may

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 20 May 2014

Nettles, ferns, bluebells and mouse ears.

Olive green, emerald green, silvery green and dark green.

Silver car, silver van, green van and cyclist.

The great big oak tree on the corner of my field, pooh corner, so called because of historical walks with children. GONE.

I stood looking at an empty hole.

We need trees, more trees, millions of trees so that we stay alive and the planet breathes.

Grey clouds, low clouds, blue sky, black clouds - run.

Hot yoga.

Trip to Stratford East to see FINGS AINT WOT THEY USED TO BE.

My yoga togs are hanging on a branch outside the kitchen window. This weekend I cancelled all my classes to entertain our New York friends.

Friday night take away curry. ridiculously delicious.

Saturday breakfast in the garden. 25. from smoked salmon to Bill Grainger's scrambled eggs too bacon and hot bread.

A mooch round the food festival in The PANTILES.

Drinks in Mount Edgecombe pub.


Sunday breakfast; more breakfast in the garden, joined by our lovely young carpenter who lives in LA.

Lunch joined by three siblings, B and the sun. More sun. We loved it.

Today I have had to put the lid back on Nellie.

Rain is good for writing.

So up them stairs I go.

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1. At May 20, 2014 4:13 PM Poppy peewee wrote:

What are mouse ears ? A plant or an animal ? Your weekend sounded fun ! Raining in Cornwall too !

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