C Crackered

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 3 April 2014

its just gone half past four.

I sat in front of the telly eating my lunch, when the phone went. Trotted upstairs to discuss something I'd written and hours later have just resurfaced.

Drove to pick up a letter from the post office that had 1.50 postage to pay. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Do they deliberately send their mail out unstamped so they save money?

Hoovered up the oats I dropped yesterday. The kitchen looked like a chicken shed.

Todays show was sprightly. I interviewed a woman, PAM SMART from Lancing. Who has written a book called WHO'S AFRAID OF THE TEDDY BEARS PICNIC. An inspirational woman, living testament to the bravery and recovery of the human being. After years of horrendous abuse, not being listened to, ECT treatment, children and two major breakdowns she not only has trained as a psychotherapist, she is a positive force in the room. if you do nothing else, spend your spare dosh on her book. Just so that she is vindicated.

Jenny Eclair came on to talk about the forthcoming tour of 'Grumpy Old Women'. I told her I was one and wanted to be seen as one. To get paid for moaning - well thats what I call a job.

I'm knackered now. Tonight my 8.30 candle lit yoga, then tomorrow I write my second scene. Saturday I sleep and garden, Sunday I garden and sleep then its back to BBC Sussex in Brighton bright and early Monday morning.

I enjoy the fullness of everything even though I am completely creme crackered.

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1. At April 4, 2014 9:25 PM Baz Jones wrote:

Hello Jeni,
So used to enjoy you on the TV Food Show but haven't been on your blog for a while now. Still think it was a mistake to stop that show and you, the replacement was quite inferior. Glad to see you are still the same old (DARE I say that??) Jeni that I remembered and loved. Saw you once on a flight to LAX (you were travelling business class but I was with the plebs in economy) but didn't know who you were until I returned home from California. Just noticed I can download your audiobook about your time on Good Food Live from iTunes, which I shall do forthwith. Hope the "old git," remains well and in employment.
Love and best wishes,
Baz J

2. At April 5, 2014 4:51 PM poppypeewee wrote:

Enjoy your time off, rest and nurture yourself.Allow your garden have some of your energy ... plant them and watch them grow, little by little, in the months ahead.I love this time of year.

3. At April 9, 2014 4:32 PM 'L' wrote:

Jeni the Pro!! I managed to listen to your program the last 2 days and it's like the good old days again. You sound so comfortable and relaxed. I have a feeling they will give you a permanent job. You're too good!
I wont be tuning in too much next week due to Passover, so enjoy the rest of your slot and perhaps we will hear you once again in the near future.
Happy Passover to you dear.
Lots of luv xxx

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