Last days of chocolate….

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 8 March 2014

New mown grass.

Solly smells of fresh air and the garden. In and out of the cat flap. He's finally found his way.

I had to have a bath after me pruning, pulling, poking, cutting and mowing. My back couldn't have done it without all my yoga. Although I had to cancel Friday and Saturdays classes needed time to think about my homework for my writing curse….sorry course, talk about a freudian slip.

I find it really hard. I never believe my brain can come up with anything, I look round the table and the others all look like they know what they are doing. Scary stuff, I'm doing the right thing according to the old man and all my friends, it certain is stretching me.

Sitting in for three weeks for Radio Sussex. I have become a media slattern. It makes me laugh. I love the idea of being in Brighton with a microphone and the ozone.

In two weeks I will be very old indeed. You know it, I know it, but for the first time I'm feeling it. Feeling the reality of where I am at. I care less about some things, a lot about others, but mostly, given the frequent loss of so many friends and colleagues, I am just happy to be getting up in the morning and doing my hot yoga thang. Who'd have thought I'd be putting my head on my knees aged 65.

Well I am, and I'm eating chocolate, drinking coffee and mowing my scraggy lawn. I'm reading two books at a time, and waiting for my acupuncturist to return form Costa Rica, then it will goodbye sweets but hello balance. She'll calm my spirit and I will return to my ™ and meditate 40 minutes a day.

My hands are dry from gardening so its off to the kitchen for some hand cream and the kettle.

Tomorrow it's apple tree pruning with the 'oosbind and a drink in the old pub, although he doesn't know it yet…..

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1. At March 8, 2014 11:01 PM 'L' wrote:

Spring is in the air! Isn't it exciting doing some gardening and seeing all the new buds and growth which gives u hope that even when things look and seem withered and dead, there's a chance for a bright future.
I missed your wine programs on the travel channel. I searched on utube but only came across the ad. Is there anywhere online they can be rewatched?
Could u also let us know which radio station in Sussex you are on for the next 3 weeks and at what time? It would be nice to tune in.
Mazel tov in advance for your birthday. I must say u are doing amazingly fitness and healthwise for your age. I am really impressed. That is why u are maintaining your youthfulness in nature and looks judging by how u appear on the ad of your wine program. Keep it up.
All my luv

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