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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 10 March 2014

BBC SUSSEX & BBC SURREY is my next job.

Three weeks from march 31st. on 95.3 FM. 104.5 - 104.8 FM

The radio station is five minutes walk from the sea.

I left at 8.30 this morning for a meet with the Ass Editor. a tall man with a big heart , a sense of humour and a fine taste in breakfast.

I had a nightmare this morning trying to find it. Went to the Station and ended up driving found for fifteen minutes in little lanes and one way systems. Now I know how to get lost I can do it again….

Everybody I asked was either asleep or unable to speak English. In the end a South African, who had just moved to Brighton, whipped out his smart phone found a map and directed me.

Terrific. Mr. Big Heart bought me coffee and croissant for breakfast in a tiny little cafe that had shelves crammed with multi coloured macaroons, little discs of delicate deliciousness, and a glass of water supplied with my coffee….

The sun is out, the garden looks beautiful, and I've just had a long needed chat with TREVOR SYLVESTER who has written yet another book. He is the best hypnotherapist IN THE WORLD, all being well I'll get him on the Sussex show.

I have a full week of yoga booked. I am very lucky. Only nine in a class if you don't get in there quick enough the places have all gone.

After an afternoon in the garden its homework. My writing project, which is in my mind all the time. I also need to get in two lots of 20minute meditations, I've promised a friend thats what i'll do with her. So I have to stick to my word.

Not a lot of sleep last night. Solly between me and the old git, Emmy at his feet, me on the edge of the bed and a head full of excitement about the garden. I'm like a Duracell bunny, cant stop.

Off now to the garden centre to buy seeds and things, then plant them up , then writing, then yoga, then more of the same tomorrow, well not the seed thing, that will have been done today.

Good news coming down the line about a food project, watch this space. I have committed to writing a daily blog about the Sussex prog, so I'm oiling my fingers.

I've got my hands full.

luvverly. cu2morrer

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1. At March 10, 2014 3:43 PM 'L' wrote:

Thanks for the info Jeni.
It's nice to hear that work is coming your way.
Good luck with it all!

2. At March 10, 2014 7:32 PM Tish wrote:

Fantastic Jeni, good things are flowing back to you. I love hearing you on the radio and look forward to listening.xx

3. At March 12, 2014 7:41 AM Carol wrote:

You having good things and some work to fill your space, gives me me encouragement while I wait for mine!
Cx :)

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