Rump Steak to boot......

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 16 March 2014

And so the birthday celebrations begin.

Today we went out for lunch in our local pub. Instead of sitting outside in 20º sun we sat inside with several intergenerational families, and were served by two rather splendid women. I should have demanded we went and got a builders tan but it didn't seem fair, me and the three Caucasians who won out.

I had the biggest steak you have ever seen.

Well I know a lot has happened since seeing Abir Hamza Goodacre. She insists I eat protein. I'm not used to flesh, and most times it makes me feel so guilty but I have to say my general well being is a lot better.

So there I was eating my steak and drinking my coffee (With the approval of Ms Abir ) with two dear friends and the Jimbo, and I realised that it was the beginning of the countdown to my 65th. When I write it down I nearly believe it, otherwise I think I'm 32. Bloody cliché

On Saturday 12 of us will sit down and ingest curry, and on Monday, my actual birth date I will eat with the 'oosbind and the dawter.

So much food, although to be honest my portion control is a lot better now I'm on the last leg of my journey. if I eat toooo much I won't make it to 75 and I'm not a biological grandmother yet.

Actually the first birthday bash was with the Swede who flew in for two days. We went and ate at 'The Rose of Bengal' on Friday. A racket from the undercarriage had the Swede intoning.

'That sounds expensive.'

Two miles later, after his expert inspection, it was clear I had a puncture. Last week the exhaust fell off. I blame the bad weather, potholes and my wretched driving.

It was probably the most expensive Tandoori Chicken I have ever eaten, as the new tyre, fitted on Saturday, cost me more than the meal and that's including a giant bottle of Tiger beer. The men in blue uniforms jacked up my Nellie, fiddled and screwed and after 45 minutes I sped off.

I was exhausted as I had taken The Swede to Gatwick at 6.00 a.m. I used Jim's car and got flashed for speeding. His 40 mph feels like my 20 mph. Please, she screamed, not another fecking speed awareness course. I don't think I'll survive another one....

The car is now as clean as a whistle, the boot having been cleared, since Bjorn could hardly find my spare wheel which was hidden under coats, blankets, cd's unbrellas and 465 shopping bag from hessian to plastic, from jute to string.

Yesterday I laid my boot out on the lawn, it looked like an American garage sale, this afternoon I sorted through all my CD's.

I had words with the old git who wondered why I hadn't cleaned the cellar and his studio quite as efficiently. I shouted at him I think it must have been the red meat.

Apart from the two cats screechihg at each other we face a time of peace and tranquility. The old man is with me for one whole week, no shows, then he is off to Coventry. To stay in digs and patiently work out his time on three Spanish Restoration plays, eating pizzas too late and counting the days; I will do the same with out the pizza.

I am LOVING my writing course although I haven't done enough work, this week, however, the clouds are coming which makes it so much easier for me to sit in my eyrie and work.

It's seven o'clock of a Sunday. I hated Sunday's as a kid. 'Sing Something Simple' and the pall of loneliness that accompanied it. I'm going downstairs to join the 'oosbind who is watching the last two episode of 'Salamanda', the Belgian drama we have been watching. Not as good as THE BRIDGE, but a pleasant enough diversion. Saturday night telly is not good at the moment. THE VOICE is deeply irritating, I pity all the contestants. They will enter the real world and find that people do not jump up and down like Kylie or make jokes like WilI I.Am, Still good luck to them all.

8 more days of being 64.....Cue the Beatles.

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1. At March 17, 2014 9:06 AM Pauline Jones wrote:

Happy birthday Jeni - your energy inspires me again! Just managed to catch up with your Travel show, great to be able to see you doing your thing again - loved it!

Love Pauline

2. At March 20, 2014 11:09 PM 'L' wrote:

Pray tell me Pauline, where did u manage to watch it as I missed them too. Where can one access it online? I'm dying to watch em!

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