saturday afternoon

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 15 February 2014

Hot Yoga in Tunbridge wells is my chosen de-stresser. In a little purpose built studio a minimum of 36º is pumped out. When it gets to 39º I am at my happiest.

It's not Bikram, 30 minutes shorter, but the teachers are gentle, sensitive and very thorough.

9 of us - the maximum -downward dog, upward dog, cobra, I'm trying to learn the Sanscrit words but they go over my head.

I've bought a bottle ( Japanese ) with a lump of charcoal to filter the water. Tastes delicious. So I sip and bend, sip and bend.

I have had to cancel at least three classes because of the weather. I even had to cancel a voice over on Friday. The trains, the flooding, the winds, the disruption.

Things are calming down and I've been approached about some more radio work, which is loverly. Sorry doubters dream still very much alive.

I've learnt a new recipe for cauliflower. Grated, into a buttery frying pan, a drizzle of turmeric and there you have a rice like concoction.

I've had a bath so I could read THE UNIVERSE VERSUS ALEX WOODS, by Gavin Extence. Bubbles, salts and a quiet house. The old gits at work, so my timetable is my own. And the book is really good fun.

Second week into my writing course. I have no idea whether I can pull off my project but every waking minute is filled with thinking. Started badly but I'm getting better at it.

Radio 3 and sound of the movies, Saturday afternoon is my favourite time to tune in. After the movies two house of jazz.

Solly is asleep on the table. the soup is on the bubble and the rain has finally stopped. hasn't this weather brought everything to the surface….literally.

What next from a government that tells us we have no money then tells us we are a rich country. Confused? I am

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1. At February 18, 2014 10:28 PM peewee wrote:

Very pleased for you Jeni regarding having a possibility of more radio work. Let us know when we will all be able to hear your voice glide through the airways again!

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