Arcola 2

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 24 January 2014

So last night I went to THE ARCOLA THEATRE in HACKNEY to see the thespianstic spouse give about two minutes and the rest of the cast much more. The second of the Spanish plays, with blood and gore and a lot of black lace, gathered a big enough audience some of which I hadn't seen for several years.

The production company owner who I last saw back in the day when orange sheets were trendy and we all drunk Black Velvet.

There was the tall Northern actor, with the deep bass voice, who said he had been enjoying my audio book. You could have knocked me down with a Featherstone.

There was his little wife who said whenever she turned on t'telly there I was fronting yet another show. I don't know what century she's living in but it's been a while since I was any kind of flavour of the month, umami perhaps…..

There was Bob the Butcher from Belsize Park who sells meat to the rich and famous but is still able to bemoan the divide between the haves and have-nots.

There was the new young Spanish/Australian telly person with a small daughter, with hair like Penelope Cruz, and that's her not her daughter, and a great set of gnashers who was the mother of the lead actors said daughter.

There was the artist wife of 'The Duke' in the play, who tucked into the food like I did.

The food, for the second week, was laid on free for the press and everybody else who was pilfering it, by a Turkish woman whose potato confection and fetta cheese thingies, brought tears to my eyes. The chicken and tabbulleh salad were so delicious I had two portions and seriously thought of dumping two more in my jute bag, but I thought the dripping sauce would be a dead giveaway.

The bar at THE ARCOLA was heaving with Trendy Wendy's, old gits like us, intellectuals with curly hair and thick rimmed glasses and a selection of women wearing outfits that were so strange they made Vivienne Westwood look like Edwina Curry.

By the time we got home I had resolved to write more for another audio book and put in some quality time on the comedy drama.

The result is that I made the call today and in two weeks I shall record more of my blogs. Get all you lot to listen and hopefully publish the book. We have a meeting on February 7th with two men who may or may not invest in us, so if all goes well, writing will supersede moaning, kvetching and general outofsortedness.

I'm off to hot yoga now. An hours worth of bending, stretching and balancing. If anybody has a tip for standing in eagle pose, or balancing like a tree then I am all ears, nose and throat chakras…..

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