Transylvanian pin up.

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 16 January 2014

Jim says I look like - hold on a minute he's thinking - a Transylvanian Inn keeper. You know one of those women in a dark unholy place who runs the bar like a prison, that when you go in you don't know whether you will come out alive.

My hairdresser says I look cool.

I think I have nowhere to go with it. It is now what it is. It;s so short I can't even get a comb through it.

I'm off to Brighton to have it coloured. Take out the grey, because as far as Im comcerned I look like a left wing radical from Hampstead who is a refugee from Trotsky. who has been shaved by the Stasi.

Th dawter says it had to be done to rectify the damage done by a very well meaning woman from the Kent countryside.

Hey Ho it will grow……

As for grace dear blogger, I know more about unexpected gifts from God than anyone else I know. So forgive me for not publishing your comments trolls don't work on this website.

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1. At January 16, 2014 10:57 PM Lindy fleetwood wrote:

Darling Jeni Compared to the way I look at the moment I bet you a penny to a pinch of salt that you look stunning! Absolutely no me time at all lucky if I get to wash my hair once a week. But I don't care as you know he's home and takes priority !!!! Chin up lass as you say it will grow and may even grow in you xxhugxx

2. At January 17, 2014 10:32 PM suzanne pepper wrote:

As you say Hair will grow- but more quickly in unwanted places. Just tell everyone you are doing for a 'part dahling'!
oh and trolls should never ever work anywhere and will not as long as they are ignored- keep up the good work and your chin! #all of them ha ha#

3. At January 18, 2014 10:23 AM Diane wrote:

Not a troll at all, Jeni; I follow your blog with genuine fondness. I fully agree that you should not have published my comment lest it draw further attention to the subject matter. I just wanted to beg you have a little more grace and self-awareness when it comes to talking about ex employers. I enjoy your contribution to the world of broadcasting; you have much to offer, and I wouldn't want the phone to stop ringing, which it might well do if someone at the Beeb copped a load of what you'd written here. Take care, Jeni.

4. At January 19, 2014 8:32 PM Poppypeewee wrote:

Totally agree with your comments Diane. Jeni .... watch your mouth regarding your ex employers. Say it to yourself but keep it to yourself. The Beeb still employs you and face it ... the phone is not ringing from any other would be employers! It's called life. BEHAVE YOURSELF!LEARN.

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