Christmas tired

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 28 December 2013

Ten days since my last post.

Hmm last post!!

Christmas was full of people, impromptu meals, visitors and far too much of everything.

Two bottles of Gammel Dansk were brought down to a hailing, blowing, hurricane of an evening, by the very wonderful Mr. leo O'Neill. Money changed hands.

Then we found a site to buy Gammel Dansk online, so another two bottle were delivered the following day. Christmas eve no less.

Then a Christmas present arrived from Malmø - yet more Old Danish.

It is a digestive, but actually it's a very strong, bitters 38%, drink that the Scandinavians drink before they take a slug of beer.

We have been drinking it shockingly for nearly 40 years, the old git has introduced many a youngster to it. The atmosphere is always benign and the laughter loud. So that was how Christmas 2013 began.

8 mouths to feed and the maniac kitten. Emmy, the senior cat disappeared for three days partly because of King Solomon but mostly because of Baily the dog.

Chases, hissing, bounding, they kept us on our toes.

Boxing day saw 8 more mouths open for more festive nosh.

Its mostly gone but I have a tub of cream, a tub of brandy sauce, a Christmas pudding and a box of cheese. None of which I eat, or him or her for that matter….. So it will be taken to a neighbour who will definitely partake.

I've been watching Bafta films, voting online and negotiating rows, the aftermath of too many carbs, Taking gifts back to the shop and gratefully taking presents from the dawter that she doesn't want.

When a family of four turned up I asked one of the girls whether she was hungry

'I'm okay,' she said 'I'll wait for lunch.'

At which point what was to be a quick drink before dinner turned into an impromptu meal. It was lovely, thank heavens I had fish fingers, a pizza, bits of baked bread, home made hummus and a VERY LARGE salad…...

Christmas feels like years ago now. All that prep for two days.

The darkest night has been and gone, the longest day has been and gone, now we look forward to a new year. That was the year that was.

2013 came and went never to be seen again.

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1. At December 30, 2013 5:05 PM June wrote:

Hi Jeni

It sounds like a good one but then they all are at our age! The age where you appreciate everything, take nothing for granted and savour all.

Just wanted to wish you and yours a joyful 2014.

Best love darling girl

2. At December 30, 2013 11:08 PM poppypeewee wrote:

Daffs bulbs showing in my garden .... let's welcome 2014!

3. At December 31, 2013 4:47 PM June wrote:

Well poppy peewee, first light tomorrow I'm out in the garden inspecting my bulbs, if I can remember where I planted them!
A great way to welcome in 2014.

Wishing all the lovely bloggers a healthy joyful New Year.

Much love

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