Reality Check

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum, Ad Infinitum | 1 October 2013


Boomed the voice/over at the cinema. So I left the cat, the washing, the un-shopped shopping-list, the three apple trees that are so heavy with fruit the branches are trailing on the uncut lawn.

I left the hot soup to cool, I left the laptop charging, I left the accounts, I left the telephone messages, the unwritten emails, the unwatched television shows.

I left the half read book, the basket of ironing, the journal that is half written, the dusty dresser that is crying out for a polish.

I left the thinking, the wondering, the worrying and the what if's?

I took my little red car to The Odeon Cinema in Tunbridge Wells. Theeeee most lack lustre picture palace in the entire world née universe.

I bought a huge tub of salted popcorn, parked my bum in the main block in a Premier seat and started munching as I counted the other party poppers.


A man two rows up with a very big bag of sweets that he had the presence of mind to open before the film started.

A single woman who took her shoes off, sat three seats way from me and put her feet on the chair in front. Just like what I do. Sorry.

I left reality at home at 2.45 and came straight back into it at 6.00.

I simply cannot listen to the news anymore this Tory Government has got my knickers in a twist and my guts in garters. I hate them for what they are doing to this country, for their total lack of compassion, for their inability to understand the lives of most working people, and now that I can speak again I don't mind telling everybody. The younger generations had better speak out soon otherwise they won't have a country to speak of.

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