One year on.

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 19 August 2013

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of my mother.

One year ago I was travelling to Ibiza for The Groucho Club. This year I am sitting in for Vanessa Feltz at Radio London.

Tomorrow I will light a Yahrtzeit candle.

I don't follow Jewish traditions but I like the idea of honouring my mother with a flickering flame.

Strangely it doesn't feel like she's gone. I carry a picture of her in my wallet. I lost lots of plastic out of it this morning somehow my mother stayed in tact next to my Waitrose and Liberty loyalty cards.

My brain is ever so slightly bamboozled.

I have been doing Radio Kent for two weeks This week I am choosing to travel into town on the 6.21 train, do the show then come back on the 12.30 as I work the airwaves on Radio London. Increasingly I need to be in my own bed.

Not so much my creeping dotage but the need to be with the 'oosbind who will be living in Bath from September, for 19 weeks. An actors life for whom eh?

I have also got a serious addiction to BREAKING BAD and ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. I joined NETFLIX for 1.50 a month which means I sit half an inch from the television screen drinking in great writing, directing, acting and all the things that makes me jealous of my successful peers.

My exhaustion is very early mornings and ridiculously louch late nights. Blame Brian Cranston.

This weekend we're celebrating Jimbo's big birthday. We will honour his mother-in-law with champagne, Chinese lanterns and much talk.

We will sit-up late into the night, the children in their tents, and the grown ups keeping them there as the conversation turns to age, death and why the children just wont stay put.

I take one day at a time. When September comes I'm getting back into the discipline of writing.

For the moment it's working out how to sleep three Swedes, one German, Two Irish, and 14 bodies that are arriving sooner than later.

Thank heavens for late night opening and the whip round.....

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1. At August 19, 2013 6:20 PM Sue wrote:

Please tell me how you joined NEXFLIX for 1.50 per month?

I pay 5.99 !

2. At August 20, 2013 8:07 AM June wrote:

Hi Jeni

A sad day for you, full of memories, thinking of you.

And then the weekend, full of life and love,with Mum watching over you all, enjoy.

Love June

3. At August 20, 2013 11:40 AM 'L' wrote:

Dear darling Jeni,
First of all, my thoughts and feelings are with you today as you celebrate the first yahrtzeit of your dear mother. I know how this flickering flame can stir up the emotions and memories. Next week will be my mum's 13th yahrzeit and already the stirrings have begun. The feelings are always there even as the years pass by. May you be blessed with many healthy years.
You've been great so far this week on air and don't take notice of anyone! You can wear dugerees (not romper!)every day. You (and yours)look great in them!
Will keep listening all week!
All my love,

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