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I went to bed at 4.00 and bang on 7.15 my body clock went off.

I wanted to eat the pillows and stuff the duvet in my ears.

I got up anyway and did my Tibetan 5.

Meditated for long enough before I fell back to sleep until 9.00.

Then without further ado it was up and out.

Blimey but I had to go back in and put on a sweater and a fleece. I grabbed a jute bag and set off for the orchard. My hands stuffed into my cuffs. My hair in a ponytail meant my ears were as cold as cherry tomatoes straight out of the salad drawer. Although to tell you the truth I never put tomatoes in the fridge. They are on the dresser in a big plate (I bought my mother from Portugal) nestled in with avacados, onions, apples, oranges, lemons and a trio of limes.

Instead of 'Snarky Puppydom' I thought I would be responsible and listen to Radio Kent. I heard less than more since the wind and hills mussed up the signal.

Everytime I did hear a voice it made me jump.

The advantage of the buffering meant I could hear all the birds, trilling and whistling their way into the day.

The apple trees to my left were just bursting into pink, the apple trees to my right were as white as snow.

Through the windbreakers, which were taking a hammering, past the pear trees and then right at the yellow sign. Little blue speedwell dodged in and out of some scruffy dandelions. When I got to the style I had a moment to honour Jackson. When he was a puppy he could squeeze through, jump over or find a way round it. As he got older we had to abandon the walk. I still miss him hugely.

Down the hill where the kids always rolled, I counted 15 new molehills and marvelled at a tree that had been cracked and split by the wind. It's broken boughs were still full of white flowers.

Through the holly bushes and past the stream. The water is high and the wild garlic is flowering all along its banks. I chose my patch of garlic, thanked the Universe for providing me with supper, and put the handfuls of pungent green leaves and white flowers into the jute bag. Not quite big enough to hang on my shoulder but as light as leaves can be.

I'm thinking of making nettle soup, and collecting some dandelion leaves for a salad. I have all that in the garden though, no comments please about my weedy gardening skills. There are loads of nettles round the top shed. You're only meant to pick the new leaves like a tea picker in Darjeeling. I think I may have left it too late.

Radio Kents conversation was about potty training....Mercifully I lost the signal again.

Right at the little bench and through Forest Clump. The name given to the gnarled walkway when the dawter was little. Kids are great when they don't complain about exercise. To get her to accompany me on a walk now is like trying to prise open an oyster with a feather.

I kept my balance even though the conversation turned to child abuse. Luckily I only had a few minutes of that before buffering saved me.

Into the shade and past a car that had a tarpaulin thrown over it's windscreen. Held down with four plastic water bottles one on each corner tied through the guy rope holes. I wonder if they'll survive this wind.

Delicious green moss covered the banks. Moss is like coffee. It's never as smooth as it looks and it's never as tasty as it smells.

Back to the other side of the valley and home. An hour later I was ready for breakfast.

The dawter didn't know whether I had eaten so I ate the left over salmon from last night, she had the other piece and the old man had a beef and onion sausage sarnie. The three of us sat round the table, they convinced me to cancel my beauticians appointment saying that I didn't have anything that should be removed. I begged to differ but cancelled it anyway. 150 quid saved.

Had I booked for reflexology and a mini massage I could have saved myself a lot more.

I'm at my computer now knocking off the outstanding bits of work, and by that I mean work that needs to be done not outstanding as in oscar winning.

Although never say never......

I've chosen my music for SUNDAYS SHOW. Ian Dury, 'The Faces' and Stevie Winwood. You'd be a fool to miss it, we'll be dancing on the tables.

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1. At May 9, 2013 4:04 PM angib wrote:

Just what I need after spending 8 hours on my feet, a breath of fresh air, I was walking with you as I read your blog.

2. At May 10, 2013 12:17 PM Lins wrote:

Great blog jeni. I kept up with your blogs whilst back packing round the world a while back - please don't stop! People read you even if they don't comment. Miss you on the telly, take care x

3. At May 10, 2013 3:10 PM Lundy fleetwood wrote:

Oh how I wish today's blog had a video, would take all my stress away. As always the blog is perfec ! Xxhugxx

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