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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 10 May 2013

I woke this morning just before the alarm.

Did me Tibetan 5, got dressed, ate an avocado and left at 7.20.

Even with tractors and rush hour traffic I still arrived on time at 7.30...

Parked my car in the underground car park, in the designated BBC parking spot. Went upstairs, rung the bell and was at work.. My first ever broadcast for Radio Kent.

I could have not been made more welcome.

From Clare and Steve, the producers, to Adam the engineer, from Paul the boss to all the other folk who danced along with me.

The programme was so well thought out. Our first phone in was about Boris Johnson's island airport, which has been denied yet again.

Bluebells, the 'Birds and the Bees', and a BBC documentary which is being aired on BBC 2 tonight, all about Jane Austin's Regency Ball in 'Pride and Prejudice.' The whole affair is being recreated - sounds fascinating.

Then we talked about a robbery in Belgium; a gang of thieves chucked a safe out the back of a van and 1 million Euros went flying through the air. People snatched and clasped rolls of money. One woman swept thousands of Euros into her hallway. Others dashed and grabbed. but the cops were none to happy about it so they threatened to arrest the unknown looters with two years imprisonment if they didn't hand over the stolen loot. The reporter said that the money had belonged to two old age pensioners who had removed all their money from the bank and bunged it in their safe, thinking their was going to be a crisis la Cyprus. We wanted to know whether you would have handed the money in or stuck it in a sock under the mattress. I know what I would have done, but then I wasn't asked the question.

We discussed teaching youngsters about sex and love and rock and roll. I learnt the facts of life after my brother told a joke about Nelson and Lady hamilton. I was 7 at the time. Needless to say I didn't understand it.

My father told my mother to take me into the kitchen to explain it to me. I still didn't understand the punch-line or anything my mother taught me. There's a book written by the doctor from the embarrassing bodies programme which teaches parents how to reveal all to their teenagers, not literally of course. As if they don't already know eh? That's the teenagers not the parents.

We talked about the beautiful bluebells all over the place and then told the story of the ten year old girl in Ramsgate Lily-May Allen, who drew a grid of hopscotch, in chalk, on the pavement and was cautioned by two cops who threatened to arrest her for criminal damage.

RECLAIM THE STREETS I say. Let the children play and caution drivers with messing up our roads.....Lily-Mays father has complained about the police behaviour. I don't now what you think but I'd rather have chalk on the ground than skid marks.

Gods Gift and the dawter met up with me and we had a coffee in Carluccios. I could barely contain my excitement. I hope they have me back.
Leaving work and a coffee in my local - haven't done that for years.


Then the dawter and I spent money on clothes and lunch and arrived home within the minutes.

This is my first attempt at downloading photos. Once I get the hang of it, I promise you Lindy I will put up pictures of my walks.


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