Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 27 February 2013

Thick socks, dungarees, t-shirt, sweater, a thick wooly scarf, massive puffy anorak, and I was still freezing my buns off.

Gods Gift drove me to the station for the 8.00 train.

'Sorry love none of your old lady passes work yet'.

Another hour and instead of paying 5.69 I had to pay 25.25 for the privilege of travelling peak time.

I felt sorry for all the peak peak timers. Who didn't look any way happy as it goes.

Walked from Goodge Street to Charlotte Street, trying to convince the people at 76 Whitfield Street that I had the right address until they pointed out that I needed to go further North to get to Charlottesville.

The director had worked with me 21 years ago, and we both remembered the shoot.

It was 'Haunted London' for BA. In flight entertainment. I used to get stopped on the street by American Tourists who wanted to talk about the theatres and streets that were full of dead stories.

Lovely voice over for The Travel Channel, a couple of calls then back on the 1.00 o'clock train.

Last night I met up with an old colleague who has a good idea, then to the PORT HOUSE for too much gin and a lot more food besides. It's a terrific new Portuguese/Irish Tapas bar. 417 THE STRAND. I recommend the wonderful hospitality and delicious food.

My guest and I staggered to the Aldwych to watch TOP HAT. Gin, salty sausages and aubergine tempura did not help my concentration. But the crowd, full of fans and celebs, had a good old time.

I've been lucky with trains lately, got the one that should have left fifteen minutes before. The delayed effect worked for me. The old man collected and it was a sitting of Sue Perkins' new sit-com. Not really to my taste although I do respect young Susan's graft.

A big shout out to you all for really giving me a boot up the backside. As the crocuses and daffs poke through I can feel the spring.

A little shout out to Joanna, who never fails to upset me. Please don't write to me anymore dear, your comments are so caustic they stick. I wont publish them so there's no point in wasting your venom.

Yeah, yeah yeah put yourself in the public eye and you lay yourself open to abuse. NO. NO. NO. Keep your nasties to yourself.

Ok the writing partner has just walked in. It's time to snip and tuck and film Potty Politics 8.

Tomorrow back to the big smoke for another meeting. Lucky I am to have people still interested in my work.


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1. At March 1, 2013 5:04 PM Rhianon wrote:

Why don't you block Joanna, Jen? Just because you're in the public eye, (and ear!) doesn't give anyone the right to have a go at you, whoever they are. Block her, kiddo.

2. At March 9, 2013 9:44 AM Nick wrote:

Hi Jeni. Don't let Joanna get to you. She's probably a very lonely human being that has no personality and is boring and quite frankly dull dull dull.
More people love you than they do her!!! A lot more!!!!
You are way to lovely to even think about posting her ridiculous comments anymore.
Loving potty politics. Brilliant.
Sending a big xxx TD Nick. Xxxx

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