Sunday february 10th. The year of the snake

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 7 February 2013

Arguments at work – Have you ever had to tell someone they’re not good at their job?

How do you solve workplace disputes? Is email the way to go if you want to complain about someone’s behaviour? Or does a delicate issue have to be solved face to face. What do they call it now/ ‘Face Time’ ?

Call me on Sunday from 9am on 0207 224 2000 , text on 81333 starting with the word ‘London’ or email me right now and tell me your stories. Good ones and bad – I seriously want to know about your office politics ( you can change the names).

Our professional mediator Liz Rivers has seen it , been there and sat in the room when big cheeses have locked horns. She can sort out any dispute and tell us how to cope with any uncomfortable issue that has to be resolved.

Also on the show

It’s Chinese New Year or should I say 恭賀新禧 ?

Jeremy Pang, a bright young Chinese chef from the School of Wok will be talking about his culinary delights.

I want to find out where your favourite Chinese Restaurant is in London and why you love it 0207 224 2000 – call me on Sunday – or email me right now with your phone number on the email so we can call you!

Other reasons to tune in are – The Overtones – the fantastic band will be playing live and my paper reviewer this week is the wonderful Dreda Say Mitchell.

Talk to you on Sunday.

If you want to chat to me about office arguments or your local Chinese please email me with your phone number now (my producer, Esther would love it if you did)

Love Jeni x

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1. At February 9, 2013 2:28 AM Rhianon wrote:

Just wrote, then deleted, everything I should probably tell you. Hah! You'd never believe it! There's so much conniving in politics, especially workplace crap.

2. At February 10, 2013 12:44 PM June wrote:

Dear Ms de Mina

Thoroughly enjoying your broadcasts to the nation, so informative.
I do hope you are paying your assistant equity rates, for me he is the star of the show [no offence].
Looking forward to the next subject.

Best wishes from
Little Miss Union Rep
aged 7, but nearly 8!

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