Sunday January 20th.

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 15 January 2013

Lucy Siegle – Has been Green for years. She talks about it, makes films about it, writes about it and is generally a good old green egg. She is reviewing my papers this Sunday January 20th. 9-12 on BBC London 94.9

How Green are you. Call me on 0207 224 2000

Text me with your fave green tips, and thats ideas not shoots and leaves....On 81333 starting your text with the word LONDON.

Hilly Janes – has written a fascinating little book called 'Latte or Cappuccino?' Gods Gift read me out the options like soup or salad, probiotic or regular yoghurt, even whether to leave babies to cry or comfort them. I got most of them right. But have you got any healthy tips THAT WORK. None of your daft stuff. Real healthy options for me please. Talk to me on 020 7224 2000 ortext 81333 starting with LONDON.

If like me, you are well over the hill, over the hump or just over halfway then you will LOVE Virginia Ironside'S book – 'No I don’t need Reading glasses' The book makes me laugh, think and almost come to terms with the reality that the end is nigh

How are you dealing with the aging process. Inspirational stories may apply only !!! 020 7224 2000. Facebook and twitter are available too. BBC LONDON 94.9 on Sunday January 20th.

Look forward to talking to you.

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