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I have SOPHIE WALKER on the show this Sunday January 13th, at 9.00a.m.

Sophie Walker's daughter Grace was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, Fighting off a prescription for anti-depressants, Sophie decided to go for a run. Running changed her so she set herself the challenge of completing the London Marathon to raise awareness of Aspergerís. She completed the Marathon and raised £4.000 for the National Autistic Society. She is an inspiration. My question to you is DO YOU KNOW ANYBODY WHO HAS HAD TO DEAL WITH AN AUTISTIC CHILD, or a child on the Autistic Spectrum

Call me on 020 7224 2000 or text 81333 starting your text with the word LONDON.

My lovely food journo RICHARD JOHNSON - is coming back. We waste billions of pounds of food waste every year so. So Waste not want not. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH YOUR LEFTOVERS?

DAVID GILLESPIE - is the author of 'Sweet Poison'. He's on aroound 10..00 and will argue that we're killing ourselves with our sweet cravings. HOW DO YOU GET YOUR SUGAR FIX? Call me on 020 7224 2000

LUCY TOBIN Ė ĎAUTHOR OF AUSPERITY: is my final guest her book is about how to LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT FOR LESSí


Call me on 020 7224 2000 or text me on 81333 starting with the word LONDON.

The show is on BBC LONDON 94.9 from 9-12 every Sunday. Join me why don't ya and talk to me.

Look forward to chatting to you.

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