It's no Yoke.

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 29 January 2013

Started out, shorts, trainers, sox, Ferrarri running top, got to the pub, the rain piercing into me, my spectacles needed windscreen wipers, turned round again, I was frigging freezing, and heres me thinking the temperature had gone up. Clearly I wasn't dressed appropriately for a run.

My knees are still trembling.

Yesterday was a different story, the golf club gates were open, a sign of optimism,

The bonfire in the farmers field gets bigger everyday. The pile of wood now has the old christmas tree, an old carpet, a big red armchair and a cupboard balanced on top of each other, each time I run past it there is another piece of household detritus.....

Frogspawn bend has puddles. the hedges have been cut, and the steep road ahead has water streaming out of the drains. I dodge past the rivulets. When I get to the top, and the penultimate track, I practice my 'Strictly Come Dancing' moves. Open arms and sliding feet. Just in case I get the call...

Good old SNARKY PUPPY keep me going though, they are playing in Camden on March 13th. I have got the tickets. Cannot wait to see them live, I wonder whether my body will involuntarily jog and march when I hear my toooons.

Cabbage and Brussel sprout soup on the go, writing WWM5, had a good meet yesterday in Gatwick at The Sofitel hotel.

It is the strangest place I have ever been in. Feels like the outside is in and the inside is out. Fancy prices, no Rooibos tea - call yourself an International hotel - but the staff are delightful;.

My companion was inspirational.

I left to pay the 20 car parking fee, the attendant gave me a free ticket as his good deed of the day.

Rather splendid I thought, made the meeting even sweeter.

Drove home in dastardly weather, knowing I was holding up the traffic, but my little red car in the rain and dark has to be treated gently and with respec,t otherwise we'll both end up in a ditch.

Got home safely and made monster stirfry with water chestnuts, bean sprouts and all the old veg in the salad drawer. Added an egg. Today I bought duck eggs and quails eggs. Little bit of celery salt and voila a meal fit for Kings, Queens or Jewish Princesses like moi.

Gods Gift is off to buy garlic, celery and meat for his pasta. I'm removing my running gear and settling into pyjama city. A pot of Lapsang, wooly socks, heating up full, and thanking the Bon Dieu I have enough money to pay for it all.

To all my lovely listeners, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING....

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1. At January 29, 2013 6:51 PM June wrote:

Hi Jeni

I like Lesley's idea of tower blocks for the elderly!
My daughter lives on the 20th floor of one and the view from the balcony is amazing, all of London before you.

It all depends on the way they are maintained and run. Secure entry, concierges [that live on the estate], reliable lifts, security cameras, cleaners, pretty gardens, etc. Of course this all costs money but isn't it in the long run cheaper than neglect and all the problems that come with that? Usually ending in demolition!
Just a thought.
Lesley for Housing Minister I say!!
Keep well Jeni.

Love to all

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