The Dolphin will have to wait.

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 20 September 2012

So let me tell you what the stress has done?

I have lost two sets of earplugs for my phone.

I have been rude to two very old friends.

I have spent more money on food than the entire downstairs of 'Downton Abbey'

I have overslept.

I have underslept.

I have watched moreTV on my iMac than there are re-runs of.

I have ignored phone calls.

I have changed the times of voice over jobs.

I have stood in the shower for longer than is necessary.

I have bought a selection of hairbands to keep my fringe out of my eyes rather than visit the hairdresser.

I have worn the same sarong for a week.

I keep leaving the bathroom lights on.

And I have forgotten what day it is so many times that I have to keep referring to the calendar.

I have moaned over the lack of apples this year.

I have made beef stew, lamb shanks, chicken soup and omelettes, all of which I don't eat.

My feet and finger tips are cold, my left eye is still watering, my insides are not working, my nervous system is nervous, and my head is hammering.

The Funeral was extraordinary. A Humanitarian affair with speeches, songs, flowers, tears, slideshow, more tears. Kaddish and Stevie Wonder.

We tumbled out of the chapel to THE SETTING SUN, which i know I have already written about. But we have had some needle with them since they charged me 60 for a chocolate cake, and the lad overseeing the event rather than taking responsibility for his error has swung curve balls, hurled insults, rubbed salt into the wound and not attempted to bury the hatchet. I have finally got a refund for 30 which is okay but it still means that we paid thirty quid for a chocolate cake that tasted like what it looked like.


Saw fifty of us on the lawn, in the house in the paddock, up the trees, in the back of a car, on the side of a grass verge and under blankets. It was not warm.

That's the other thing I'm doing - I'm bloomin' repeating myself - I'm repeating myself.

I am having an illegal coffee, then I am going to watch the 'Bletchly Girls, then I am going to have a bath and meditate, not necessarily in that order.

My lack of sleep is making me grumpy and rude. My lack of a mother is making me grumpy and rude. The presence of the old git helps me be less grumpy and rude.

I have a voice over tomorrow and then I will collect my chocolate teapot from the wonderful Paul Young in Soho.

Then I will bring it home safely, try and sleep on Saturday night and get to work on doing what I get paid for, listening for a living.

There ain't a single one of you who hasn't made this time more bearable, even so I wish I were on a dolphins back in Hawaii drinking Mai Tai's with a beach towel slung low, and thats on me not the cocktail.

c u on Sunday.

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1. At September 20, 2012 6:14 PM Rubi Mcfall wrote:

This blog keeps getting better. Thanks for keeping it updated!

2. At September 20, 2012 10:28 PM Rhianon wrote:

Be rude. They're your friends, they'll understand. Change your working routine. So what? If your employers are worth their salt they'll get it and work with you.
When my mother died I became forgetful. Really forgetful. I did things totally out of character, quite strange, and you know, for a little while I couldn't remember her face, or her voice. So strange. And a sort of belligerent numbness took over. I remember telling my friend Barry about it and his response was (apart from the obvious "did you think we hadn't noticed?") that maybe this was Gods way of protecting us from the worst of it. If God lets you be apart for a while, take it. If it gives you a bit of breathing space away from peoples sympathy, take it.

Bugger the lamb shanks. Go to Hawaii and drink Mai tais. Low slung or not!

3. At September 22, 2012 8:27 AM Lyn Misselbrook wrote:

EXACTLY SO Rhiannon ...

4. At September 25, 2012 8:25 PM LV wrote:

Ahh ..the meditation. I saw an incredible programme on the meditation process.
I'll get the link and post it here. Anyone who meditates will not want to miss it. It is a gem, the best i have seen.
Love Light LV

5. At September 28, 2012 9:22 PM Janice Dengate wrote:

Hi jeni just read your blog. It will improve but it is a bugger without your mum. Sending you love, hugs and angels. Janny and Nigel Dengate

6. At September 30, 2012 10:51 AM Josue Thayne wrote:

Integrity and Determination is what i learn from this company, they are great to work with or have them work for you.

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