Raindrops keep falling on my Mic.

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 5 August 2012

So the old man played his ukelele at a party last night. Went out looking like a petrified Jess Conrad. Came home after midnight, a lot after midnight actually.

I watched the Olympic haul, cried with Jessica, bawled with Mo and cheered the ginger-nut for jumping such a long way..

I came down stairs to the entrance of my rock-n-rolling Uke boy, and ate a tub of yoghurt and cereal.

Finally fell asleep around 5.00.

When the alarm went off at 6.00 I felt like eating my own head.

The 'oosbind was meant to be driving me to the station. 20 minutes max. But he was snoring like a baby -


I could not do it to him.

So I dressed quickjy, grabbed me bits and drove myself, very fast to the station. I was held up behind a phalanx of people carriers. They turned left into the field where there was a boot fair.

Drove down the A21 through mist and hazy sunshine, arrived in Sevenoaks with enough time to search for a legal parking spot.

Found one a 2 minute walk from the station.

If you are an old lady with a travel pass and senior rail card a trip into the smoke costs 2.65. Not bad.

I listened to Bach's Brandenberg Concertoes in 'F' and 'G'. By the time I got to Charing Cross I needed a change of mood so put on Ry Cooder and 'Little Sister.'

The perfect tempo to walk to the Beeb.

London was deserted.

Felt like Paris.

I was able to dance/walk along the wide pavements, though the huge trees in Leicester Square with blue ribboned medals hanging from their top branches. Past The Cafe de Paris, which was being locked up by a bleary, stubbled man who could barely keep his eyes open. Past the next door Casino where a winner ran past me in the early morning.

7.45 and cleaners were gathering round doorways whilst an occasional car crawled past.

Down Regent Street and into The Beeb.

The 'Ryan' organised the show and down we went to BBC London's Big Red Bus and a Gazebo for us to sit under.

When the rain started we were outside the awning, as the rain gathered momentum we moved further and further into the tent.

It was 'CARRYon CAMPING' with microphones.

Each guest arrived under plastic coats, wearing sandals. Caught in the deluge. I half expected to see Tony Blackburn steering an Arc to help us out.

My notes were rained onto the table. The rain was so heavy it sounded like ball bearings being chucked into a tin bucket.Yet you still managed to phone, email and text me.

By 12.00 O'clock, 'All Souls' congregation had stopped singing their hymns, the rain had subsided somewhat and all my guests had splashed their way home.

Next week I fully expect a plague of frogs, a plague of locusts and a hundred Philistines to come tearing round the bend from Regents Park. It will be 'Carry on Broadcasting' whatever happens.

When I arrived back at my car not one drop of rain had fallen.

Gods Gift didn't believe me he thought I had gone to the BBC Electronics workshop and fabricated atmosphere to keep my listeners interested.

If that's the case next week I will supply cicadas, the rhythmic lapping of waves on a sandy shoreline and the clink of wine glasses in a gentle breeze.

Join me why don't you?

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1. At August 6, 2012 9:22 PM LV wrote:

IS that all 2.65 to sample the London Olympic fairy dust shimmering over London 2012.

There is the most amazing unprecedented feel good - high energy permeating London since the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron. Long may this flame of Love Light and Harmony keep burning...

Tears of Joy for Team GB and all the olympians.
We are a phenomenal platinum force.
Love Light LV

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