Lost and found

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 28 August 2012

I'm drinking brandy, Jim is playing Steely Dan, and my tears have stopped for now.

My sincerest thank you's for your commiserations.

My mother is having s humanist funeral. Jim has spent two days making a slide show of my mothers life. I've cried lot.

This evening I lost her ring and my wedding rings. My mouth went dry with anxiety. After two hours of searching the cottage, we gave up, Jim and I went to the studio to return boxes of my mother diaries.

He shone his torch on the shelf behind my desk and there were my three rings.

I cried a lot.

Now I'm allowing the tears to fall.

My mother had a life full of emotional trauma. I know she has found peace.

To L, I thank you for your concern, but my mother made the funeral arrangements herself and that is what we have honoured.

I am a wreck, but I'm good. I'm told grief will creep up on me in the most inappropriate moments, like now.....

Have a good night everybody.

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