Queasy jet

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum, Ad Infinitum | 19 June 2012

Arsenicum Alba.

Nux Vomica.

Every hour. On the hour and by midnight I had kicked some weird bug.

I was sick, and felt like a horse had trampled all over me.

This morning up at 7.30 to talk the SKY engineer onto my roof. Now have telly pictures again.

Then into the garden to cut the daisies down, and the buttercups and the goose grass. Four mounds of red ants, boiling water fixes it. Although I have to allow one of them to nip me, after all I've just killed their whole family, one nip is fare dont ya think?

I mowed the lawn, put out the swing-set cushions, table cover on, in the hope that I can sit down this afternoon in the sun. I still feel queasy but my body now feels like a Shetland pony has stood on my foot. Clearly I'm getting better.

Renée Barnett - my mother - used to love the daisies on my lawn. Cutting them down makes me think of her. She'll never get to see my garden again.

We all saw her on Saturday. Wheeled her out in the garden. Brighton sun and seagulls. She cried because we were all there, the cruel truth is she wont remember that we were.

Liquid morphine, medication for various other ailments. At 90 she could do without it. But we can still touch her and tell her we love her.

I've kept a whole fairy ring of daisies around the Maple tree just for her.

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1. At June 19, 2012 5:44 PM Lyn Misselbrook wrote:

Love her too. L xxx

2. At June 19, 2012 8:37 PM June wrote:

Oh Jeni this must be such a sad time for you and exhausting having to put "a face on for everyone".

The price we pay for love is grief, it's an unbearable price, but to not have grief means we have never loved and that would be even sadder.

The getting lost escapade, yes been there, frantic just doesn't cover it when you are late for an appointment, but if we stop, calm down, it's not the end of the world, we just think it is at the time.

Wishing you calm and peace Jeni at this very sad time.

Best love darling girl.

3. At June 19, 2012 10:49 PM LV wrote:

I'LL have to have a word with that horse and pony...

Enjoy your garden and the daisies. The rain is giving us a carpet of emerald.

Thinking of you and your moma.
xLove Light LVx

4. At June 26, 2012 1:33 AM Terry wrote:

Dear. Jeni. I keep thinking of your Dear Mother. And You of course Jeni! I hope That you can be Happy in Your Lovely Family Home Just South of Tun Well's It is so lovely around your area, But i guess i miss you now that Knowing your no longer on the 170 bus Route to Victoria that you and i used a lot, i still do and Jeni always springs to my mind as it goes over the bridge where your riverside home used to be. Oh Jen did i get a shock when i got up on Sunday! I went into the Bathroom and switched the water knob up for shower over the bathtub ang got in for a nice shower or so i thought, Suddenly there was a loud click noise and suddenly scalding water shot at me not from the showerhead but from the mixer which had split and the water was hitting the ceiling like the Fountain on lake Geneva, I shouted and jumped out of the tub with my legs looking like a lobster from the high pressure scaldingly hot water. anyway after id had a little breakfast i decided to go down the A£ to Shannon Corner Near New Malden to B&Q and i went and bought a new shower mixer set and on Tuesday a local Plumber in Putney will come to install the new one i bought and remove the cracked one. Then i can have my showers safely again without comming out like a live boiled lobster LoL. I wish you Jen and the whole family a Great Week and time for you to Enjoy your garden, I planted lots of nasturtium seeds last week and they are all popping their heads out the soil so i hope i get a lovely show of them, All my Love to you Jeni and To your Faithful Bloggers, Love & Kisses Terry in Putney Heath XXXX

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