Well done dawter

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 1 May 2012

Wettest April since records began eh?

My little car braved the wind and the rain as I scuttled back and forth between London and home. This week has been nuts....

The Dawter played her first acoustic gig at The Phoenix on Sunday.

People kept asking me whether I was proud - not proud just relieved that she got up there and sung in tune.

I am now so tired from last weeks events that I have rescheduled myself.

Dovetailing meetings in between sleeping.

I had the piano tuned today. If I want new hammers it'll cost £1,200 if I want new strings it'll be a remortgage job. The Chinese are making cheap pianos that don't wear out. My Mr. Hoffman is old and battered but I wouldn't swap him for the world.

I fancied I may start working on Rachmaninov's piano concerto. and then I thought of Geoffrey Rush and mental breakdowns and decided to stick to Fanny Waterman - look her up..

It's time to settle down now and watch the SOUTH BANK AWARDS to remind myself what like used to like in the middle lane, I've had enough of the fast lane.

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1. At May 1, 2012 10:49 PM Rob Gaydon wrote:


Yes. Literally 2 millimetres above the record for average fall and journalism spoken and online including from the BBC are saying ".. 100 years". Why? Because IN PLACES the fall was three times normal.

Recently the Beeb online and on the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 stated some vague-rant immigrants were camping 'on' a roundabout. They weren't.

2. At May 8, 2012 11:55 AM thermomètre frontal wrote:

Congratulations to your dawter! I know you are so proud of her, not just because she got there with the right tune but because she is your daughter. You even posted it here in your blog. That shows how you value her a lot.

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