May 12th

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum, Ad Infinitum | 12 May 2012

Nibbled on nuts - wasabi style.

Crunched on coleslaw - New York style.

Suppered on steamed salmon with lemon slices and rosemary from the garden.

Soon I'll I take my seat for THE BRIDGE essential Saturday night viewing with the old git.

He'll sit in the bean bag, take my feet, and we'll spend two hours quietly working out who killed whom and why on the Bridge in Malmų.

Then we'll swap, he'll sit in the armchair, I'll take his feet and we'll quietly work out how long we can stay there until all four eyes close.

He's driven down from Northampton for one night only, and I'm up at the crack to earn me crust in London Town. We'll have from 2-9 tomorrow then he'll drive back to the Midlands.

'It's not looking good is it?' said my brother today at the hospital. We sat at the foot of my mothers bed. She dipped in and out of consciousness.

We had brought two helium balloons declaring it was her 90th birthday.

Lots of cards. A bar of white chocolate with red jelly hearts which said I LOVE YOU.

A bag of Turkish delight from the old fashioned sweetshop.

And three bottles of apple juice.

She couldn't manage the envelopes and declined food.

We left the birthday girl slumbering.

My back has gone - I'm told it comes with the territory.

I'm boiling some water for a cup of Rooibosh tea.

I might even have a nutty bar.

In my mind, I had prepared a fabulous celebration for my mothers 90th, but in mind is where its stayed.

A round of applause from the audience on the CD I'm playing. Charlie Haydon and his mates giving us the best dinner jazz this side of the Brooklyn Bridge...bridge bridge, that's it, 14 minutes to take our seats.

Bean bag in place its the last minute call before the curtain rises on this evenings entertainment.

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