Squirrel paté

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 6 May 2012

I know I slept with a smile on my face. The reason? The old git had come home and we had had a really relaxing evening.

However, the perils of living 48 miles away from work, meant I woke at 3.20.





When I finally gave up smiling and had a shower.

I left the house in 30 minutes, having packed my notes the night before.

On with the radio , windscreen wipers, lights and heater and off I went to make my fortune in London Town.

I normally love the ALED JONES' show on Radio 2. I count the records and sing along to most of the toons, but this mornings choice of music was so happy-clappy, dull and tuneless that I turned over to Radio 4, 3, 2 and then BBC LONDON 94.9 which was infinitely more interesting.

I arrived worried that my sleepless night would have me stumbling in my seat. It was a bit of a struggle to begin but THE RYAN kepts me on the straight and narrow, and Sarah, my engineer made the whole 3 hours seamless.

I made my porridge and hugged my first guest SIMON WOOLEY, one of the founders of OPERATION BLACK VOTE. An articulate, man, with a vision still in tact and the warmth and passion to get there in the end. I felt enervated by his paper review. We talked about Boris Johnson, London and the Conservative trouncing and also his love of Arsenal. Grrrrrr.

Then VANESSA VALLELY the new Pearly Queen, talked about her dynasty, her longevity and the work the Pearly family do for charity.

JOHNATHAN ELPHICK came in and talked about his fantastic book 'BIRDSONG'. Its a big tome with 150 different birds to study. Illustrated by 2 Swedes, a kind of 'Headhunters' for ornithologists. On the side of the book is an oblong cassette machine. Press a button, find the number for the bird you want and press. There in your own living room, or in my case studio, the blackbird trills, the pecker pecks and the nightingale sings in Regeeeeeeents Streeeet.

It was really interesting feeling the atmosphere change with each call or song, why when the tawny owl hooted, I only needed a distant train and I was back 25 years singing B to sleep.

DANNY SAPANI came in to talk about 'MOON OVER A RAINBOW SHAWL', in which he's starring, at The National. We talked about his name,his roots and his love of Arsenal.


ROBERT JOHNSON, my wicked foodie man, came in and gave me a mug of beef broth, courtesy,of Richard Corrigan,made out of rare ingredients, and a nibble of potted meat with a creamy puddle next to it. It turned out the potted meat was squirrel and the puddle its liver made into a paté. I think I would have rather eaten my own briefcase.

Was I cross? No.

Was I delighted? No

Was I revolted? Yes.

I could never, ever get cross with Richard, he is a really wonderful man. I know I say that about most folk, but this Johnson is a real gent.

I ate food prepared by Monks, and whatever RJ says, you can taste the light and love in their food. LV emailed me - sorry darling didn't have time to read it out - but she agreed with me. Cooking with love always turns out to be the essential ingredient, do you agree?

We concluded the show with the delectable JAMIE GLOVER. His voice soothes, his face beams and his show 'NOISES OFF' has to be seen if you want a really good laugh in the coldest May on Record.

I left and my exhaustion caught up with me so I stopped off and bought THE most disgusting cheese and onion sandwich, a bag of Dorritos, a muesli bar and some salted peanuts, all to keep me awake. My poor stomach doesn't know what's hit it, all that junk food on top of a squirrel.

Next week I'm taking a box of goodies to eat in the car.

Right now I'm go ing to lie down and listen to the Tottenham Game on 94.9. If they lose Arsenal will be above us.

Grrrrrrrrr for the last time............

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