Sweeney Good.

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 21 March 2012

Imelda Staunton can do no wrong as Mrs Lovett in 'Sweeney Todd'. You may find the music abrasive and discordant, you may find some of the scenes brilliantly gruesome, you may have to sit behind tall people and crouch down to see the action between their bouffant hairdos - thats male and female - , but Ms Stauntons performance and Michael Balls technique, will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Two hours and a lot more minutes fly by. The audience last night - press night - was as starry as you could get. A little red carpet into 'The Adelphi' had autograph hunters screaming and swarming to grab a pic of Tom Jones, Robert Lindsey, Zoe Wannamaker and dozens more. I found myself running past Mr.Jones lest I ended up in his pic.

My ex-baby-minders husband was there with his camera, squealing and screeching I had to tell him to cool it twice.

I realised over my fizzy water that I may have been offensive - but then so are autograph hunters....

I parked opposite in Adams Street, behind Michael Billington from the Guardian. My little red car still smelling of chicken (at least I think it was chicken) and chips. 2.29 for a box of fat and a Pepsi. It was a totally disgusting meal. I ate it on the roadside by Battersea Park Station waiting for 6.0'clock to chime, so I could bypass the Congestion Charge.

I had been to see my acupuncturist who has just returned from 3 months in Costa Rica, it was wonderful to be stabbed in the ankle by her.

Trying to get home last night was a nightmare. Major roads shut meant I was driving through villages at midnight, being re-routed until I could recognise something, Sweeney Toddy echoed round my brain as I sped through Badgers Mount and Pratts Bottom.

I did not sleep until 5.00. The first time I had been on my own in the cottage, utterly alone save for the cat and spiders, when I did finally fall asleep the alarm startled me 180 minutes later.

Today was hanging around until various different men materialised. Two for a new SKY box, one for the trees, to remove a toxic pine and two cascading conifers which I hadn't realised belonged to our garden, and three clipped hospital workers who sighed as I tried to rearrange hospital appointments for my mother.

A letter was sent on March 9th for an appointment on March 13th. I did not receive the missive until March 20th.

'Yeah, sometimes the letters are slow.' said the unhelpful geezer from Hove actually. Bit of an understatement wouldn't you say.

I have meditated.

I have started my Tibetan Five.

I have walked in the sunshine.

One bee flew past my left ear, 20 minutes later another one flew past my right. The sound of summer.

I have finished my book, I have removed an old rhododendron, I say I have removed it! Amy my lovely punky gardener did it, sawing her way through 28 years of thick rhody branches. . I have made pumpkin soup and scrubbed the shower.

I haver spoken to Gods Gift, and the dawter, on various different devices ranging from the telephone to 'Family Time' to Sykpe. I have found all my stray bits of writing and as 21.00 hundred hours approaches I'm pondering whether to bother with 'The Apprentice'. It feels a bit like a waste of my time.

Tomorrow is a big New Moon. New beginnings, an Aries moon full of the fire and passion, thats when I intend starting my new writing project.

As the New Moon Waxes so shall I.....

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1. At March 22, 2012 1:22 AM Rob Gaydon wrote:

mercury retrogresses into Pisces 23/24 march.

A learner in redacting?

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