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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 11 October 2011

How is it possible for a day to pass SOOOOO quickly.

Gods Gift had to do the studio all on his own as I dashed about doing stuff......

From getting out of bed to typing here all I've done is sit in my car and drive to places.

Juliets for a cuppa with my farm shop friend.

The cleaners to pick up my rug.

The garage to part with 226 for a new wing mirror - and don't tell me I could have got a cheap one on ebay I tried and I couldn't so there.

TKMaxx to buy a top for tomorrows Eggheads, maybe I should have bought a shell suit....

TWells to buy a bag of celery.

The Twillage for two more tops for Eggheads.

In the event I spent too much money on buying tops that I'm not even wearing.

I leave at 9.15 fly to Glasgow then fly home again, should be in the kitchen by 9.00

Me on Eggheads.

I know as much about pub quiz questions as you do.

I hope I don't let the team down.

What's the worst that can happen?

I get beaten over the head by two weather girls and Sarah Greene.

I'm off now to pack my bag with three different tops, Howard Jacobson, two lipsticks and a boarding pass.

Och aye the noo Glasgoo here I coom.

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