Barefoot in the parks.

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 7 June 2011

MBT's make me look like a sumo wrestler. They are the heaviest shoes in the world and I don't mean that in a jazzy hip way. I mean it in a blimy-what-are-those-wierd-things-on-your-feet-kind of way.

Maasai Barefoot Technology is based on the naked footfall. It's a load of balls and souls, if you ask me, and they cost the earth, but thats the point to make you feel like you are walking barefoot on the earth. I have to concentrate so I don't fall arm over tip, but they do make me walk differently, they let me walk bouncily, and I have managed to stay upright in the rain and the wind as I march through Hyde park, St. James park and Battersea Park. Yes you could say I go Barefoot in the parks.

I even walked part way to The Graduate Fashion Show in Earls Court yesterday. I had been invited to view Kingston College of Arts chosen few.

A huge, proper catwalk, photographers, skinny models, fashionistas and a bunch of the best students showing their wares.

It came as a big surprise to find out that the students themselves had to fund their own designs. Okay if you are related to Ian Duncan Smith, who was jostled through the throng by a very well spoken harridon of 80+ so he could get a front row seat to see his namesakes collection.

Okay if you have money to burn BUT what if you are a poor student from Huddersfield who has a student loan to repay, no old money and a heart set on Paris.

One family easily coughed up 25,000 for their progeny so he could have his fur garments dyed in New York and shipped backed to the Uk so that they matched his hand made furry shoes and hats. Arty or Farty?

But I repeat what of the poor kids from one parent families who can't rustle up enough money to buy a swatch of fabric from Berwick Street. I met two designers who had to beg, borrow and practically steal to get their collection aired.

Since when was the fashion industry SO elite? I asked naievely 'ALWAYS'.....a pile of students hooted.

After my foray into haute couture I was intending to go to a five rythms dance class at The RAD in Battersea but I ended up on a mercy mission for my daughter who inadvertently put petrol in her diesel car and sat on the side of the road in Sussex awaiting the AA man.

185 pounds later her tank was drained and she was suitably humiliated....

It is official Esther is the bestest producer in the universe.... We covered IVF this morning, which was so touching, pensions, then we focussed on Wayne Rooney's hair transplant. As Esther herself declared, we got to the root of the problem Boom Boom!!

I left Regent Street and wended my way through the Capital to bounce myself onto a 170 bus at Victoria.

Did the accounts. HELP!!!

Vacuumed up the negativity.

Made a big lunch then promptly fell asleep on the settee.

Mr. F. woke me with a question that was so ludicrous I hardly knew where to begin.

'You are an expert on twitter and facebook' he declared, according to our lovely Sarah, who shares our dusters.

I sent him packing. I know as much about twitter and facebook as ancient Armenian history... although I do know that Armenia lies in the highlands surrounding the Biblical mountains of Ararat and that the original Armenian name for the country was Hayk, later Hayastan (Armenian: Հայաստան), translated as the land of Haik, and consisting of the name Haik and the suffix '-stan' (land).

Thank Heavens for wikipedia.

It's now 19.15 and without further ado I shall spend this evening writing.

Tomorrow is another day, another show and another Barefoot foray into the centre of London.

Thank you dolly for your messages and thank you all for tuning into BBC London 94.9

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1. At June 8, 2011 12:45 AM Rob Gaydon wrote:


In case you are interested..

The red smoke flare set off at the talk given at Foyles by A. C. Grayling happened with saturn (customs, formation) retrograde in Libra (partnering) opposite the positions from Anthony's birth of Venus and
Mars with mercury (communication, trips) making an angle to them of exactly 60 degrees (associated with Gemini - the sign of mercury) from Gemini.

Mercury in the next few hours will reach the degree of the recent eclipse of the sun. Can we expect an analysis on Radio 4's Today as the alignment happens?

Poor ol' Ant (an Aries). Remember my comment on Aries and Red?

I found a red and white flier advertising rock music this afternoon. It had the symbol used in pharmacology but also in astrology to mark retrogression.

2. At June 10, 2011 4:21 PM 'L' wrote:

Hi Jeni dear,
What a fabulous 2 weeks of u on air, how spoilt are we! Wish u could always be there for all us loyal listeners who 'left' lbc together with u. Of course we knew the truth about their unforgivable behaviour towards u. Never mind, u seem to be in safer hands now!
It makes me laugh that u have joined the MBT clan! I've been debating for the past year whether to buy a pair myself. My wife has a pair of MBT sneakers and uses them a few times a week when power walking. It does help to relieve back pain too and puts less stress on the old knees. Happy walking.
Enjoy your well deserved weekend.
All my love,

3. At June 11, 2011 2:25 PM Lindy Fleetwood wrote:

Phew I am here just been very very busy one way and another, now need to catch up on your blogs. Well done with the weekday shows hopefully you will get more soon !! xxhugxx

4. At June 13, 2011 9:20 AM Fee wrote:

You mentioned about being sacked from LBC. I can pinpoint the moment the day before you "left" when I thought "they ain't going to let her get away with that", I think you were complaining about Cameron, or maybe the Tories in general, I'm not sure. I've said it before, it was political. How dare you (Or anyone) have a left wing view and work on the radio! Let's face it, LBC isn't brimming with Lefties is it?

Perhaps we need to start our own party, Oldie Lefties World and Universe Society.(OLWUS)

Or start your own radio station, do an Oprah! You'd get the listeners - that's for sure. Ask your Barry person, it's easy enough, broadcast over the Internet?

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