Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 3 May 2011

Threw fifty quid into the dustbin. Will it still be there when I get home?

Does it mean that deep down I think money is dirty? Or has the stress of the wedding, Bank Holiday Monday, birthdays, mothers and meetings got to me?

If the fifty quid is still there does it make me fifty pounds richer today or am I as poor as I was when I threw it into the garbage. Shrodinger's puss would have something to say about that.

If the fifty pounds exists at all does it make me half a ton happier or if it has been mulched with all the other unrecycleable rubbish then am I fifty pounds worse off. The real question is whether it matters?

Of course it matters but is it worth writing a mountainous blog about? I think not I can feel my blood sugar rising at the thought of it....

The flat is quiet, the daughter has gone to a meeting in Primrose Hill, the 'oosbind is on his way with a bottle of Ignatia for me.

Strychnos ignatia is a tree in the Loganiaceae family, native to the Philippines and parts of China. It is named for Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit missionary order.

The plant is the source of a homeopathic remedy known as ignatia, ignatia amara, or as iamara, which is used to treat grief, depression and other conditions.

The fruit of Strychnos ignatii is the size and shape of a pear, and has almond-like seeds known as Saint Ignatius' beans. The beans of the plant contain the alkaloids strychnine and brucine. Strychnine is highly toxic, with an LD50 of 1-2 milligrams per kilogram, and was formerly used in rat poisons. Brucine is also toxic, but less so.

Oh! Come on not more hocus pocus?

If I am using Ignatia for grieving, the question is what am I grieving about - let me think:






The dog?

My Passiflora?

My passion flower was cut back so savagely, by an over enthusiastic pruner, that I lost all my flowers. Have you seen the passion flower flower? of course you have. Only took me 26 years to nurture and grow and before you could say NO, or is it YES, to AV my dustbin was denuded of its camouflage. So Ignatia is definitely on the cards for me.

Still no time for idle chit chat I have speeches to write, people to see, dinner to cook and ideas to sew. And now the old git has arrived so a quick quarrel is on the cards



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1. At May 3, 2011 7:53 PM Fee wrote:

Nood photo shoot? Tell us more!

First of all thanks to LV who recommended comfrey for my poor broken leg, two days after using it the busted leg feels heaps better and stronger, thanks so much for the tip Ellvee.

Secondly Jeni hope your worries pass soon and you find solutions through whatever method you choose xxx

Fee xxx

2. At May 4, 2011 8:06 AM Lyn Misselbrook wrote:

Starting recovery from Shingles (now in week 3 and although the rash is fading, strangely enough the pain remains and still has as much power to take my breath away). Do you know a homeopathic remedy? Joska has provided a magic lotion but feel I require internal remedy to deal with the nerves.
I was away last week in the Lake District and rested my soul by sitting in the sun beside Coniston Water - the most beautiful lake (the other most beautiful lake I know is Lake Garda).
Returning home on Saturday, I loved your dance on Sunday and chat with Bryn.
Much sadness regarding the prospective end to your sojourn by the Thames.
My thoughts and love to you in these difficult times. Lyn xxx

3. At May 4, 2011 6:34 PM Rhianon wrote:

Passiflora made me laugh aloud. It was unexpected, so all the more funny, at the end of that emotive list!
I know the feeling. 12 years I've been trying to get that bloody Clematis to flower. Twice in those years it gave up and flowered meekly, then last year, loads of buds, lots of hope, and my father with secateurs. Bugger, eh?
Whatever changes you embrace or refuse, i hope they are right for you.

4. At May 4, 2011 10:44 PM LV wrote:

THAT'S great Fee - keep going with it.
It is a chilling thought that just a few hundred years ago this would have had me hunted and slain an ugly death. Just to pacify men in big hats who were consumed with fear and need to control. Some things are very slow to change - still even now it is a question of discerning Witch people to trust!

The wedding wasn't it a glorious day. I planned on dipping in and out in betwixt other things. But i was mesmerized by unexpected magic. The bride, so graceful and beautiful. And her dress - the epitome of less is more. And those trees beautiful trees...
(I agree with Christion Dion. This bride is Very strong and knows herself well. And that is a great thing!#
It is almost bound to pull on people's chordae tendinae and lead them to reassess life, Jeni.
You marched right passed your own clue Jeni. Passiflora! Passiflora tea to be exact. It is just great for calming the nerves and pacifying all pain physical and emotional, LYN. #check it out!# And to soothe that persistant ache in the soul, JENi.
#Always consult a qualified herbalist if taking herbs internally, especially if your taking prescribed medicine.)
In the Love and Light, LV.

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