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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 12 January 2011

Woke to a text from Paul Hollywood. The delicious baker always called me Nan after his grandmother who rode a bicycle in Liverpool and smelled of wee.....

I loved his bake-off programme if I can bribe him with enough airtime he says he'll come onto BBC London for me. yummy.

The old git went off to work, and I went off to Balham.

Joy of joys I could stand on one leg for longer than a nano second. As the teachers keep telling us; every day is different and every day the body responds differently. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Tomorrow I was meant to be working in Farringdon, so I prepared for a 6.30 class, in the event I am not going so I can go to the ten o'clock class instead and Carry on Writing. I Sound like SID JAMES.

The daughter turned up. It's really tough for the young ones these days. She is so desperate to work, as are millions of grads like her, but where are the jobs?. It will all come together but my heart breaks for her, luckily she doesn't read this blog so I can reveal my concern - just a little bit.

Met up with Barry at The Phoenix Club on Charing Cross Road. I love it in there-shabby chic. Morris, the head honcho, is a delight and the bar-man offered me a half price drink. I don't do vodka and coke so I was no use to him. But it was a nice thought.

Off to the Century Club and the comedians yearly get together. There didn't seem to be any one-up-mans-ship.I met a 41 year old comic who I have known since he was in nappies. He kept introducing me as the lady who had known him since he was in nappies. Every time he slid his arm round my back to steer me through a comedy scrum I really did feel like Paul Hollywoods nan, even though I had on leather trousers and shiny patent boots. Dangerously close to mutton and lamb chops methinks.

But I loved looking at Arthur Smith and the gorgeous Herring. I told him I loved him - so uncool - but who cares I'm way beyond any kind of cool I'm practically tropical.

Well done to Miriam O'Reilly. 150.000 pay out for being old. Now that's what I call justice.

I'm off to bed now, had a bowl of porridge and a raisin and cinnamon bagel. If a girl cant treat herself to carbohydrate heaven once in a while there's no point in any of it, but all that stodgy wheaty stuff has made me sleepy. Night night.

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1. At January 12, 2011 11:23 AM Lindy Fleetwood wrote:

I agree totally Jeni Miriam O'Reilly really deserved that pay out, there are so many women being sidlined for the younger crop, all us of the maturer generation want are familiar faces like yours, a smile and someone who actually talks about things that are relevant to us, I am so fed up with the constant rambling on on the radio of things that are in the news, you used to let us nip into your personal life now and again for real chats about real things in our own lives. I could ramble but will resist the temptation, thank goodess we now at least have you on a Sunday Love to all xxhugxx Hope things look up for 'B' very very soon.

2. At January 12, 2011 4:47 PM kathie wrote:

Hi Jeni,thank god I've found you!!,Radio london worth listening to again,though love steve Allen but he comes second I'm afraid. Hope all is good,wonderful to hear your warm sincere human voice again. Happy new year!! XXX

3. At January 12, 2011 8:29 PM Marmite wrote:

Hey Jeni

Happy New Year to you and all the lovely blog family

Proper upset Radio London isn't on Sky! but I found it on IPlayer hooray....anyway I was right you were faaablous dahling!
Much love
Marmite xx

4. At January 14, 2011 8:20 PM Kirsten Alicia wrote:

Hello Jeni, just dropping by to catch up. I'm in the USA at the moment; a belated Christmas vacation. I'm having a great time, but it will be nice to get home & tune in to you via the BBC iPlayer.
I hope things get better for B very soon.
Hugs to you both - and to the OG of course.

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