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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 9 January 2011

It's 20.37 and I feel sick.

And here's why.

Two little pots of prune yoghurt.

7 fish balls and peas with tomato sauce.

Two pickled onions.

34 almonds.

A mozzarella, tomato and aubergine ciabatta.

Two coffees

A drive to East Sussex to drop off an ailing car.

A debut show on BBC London.

A husband who actually listened.

A daughter who caught some of it.

A band of buddies who bothered to tune in.

A mother who heard half of it.

A Barry who has downloaded it on facebook

A Sybil who sent greetings from Hollywierd.

A wonderful producer.

A dedicated engineer.

A team of BBC helpers.

All this after a yesterday which consisted of a:

Drive to East Sussex in an ailing car that I didn't admit was ailing until today so I chuntered up and down the British road network holding onto a gear stick that required bionic arms.

Then a day with a daughter

From Whitechapel to Hackney.

From shopping to lunching.

From harassed driving to Bikram yoga.

A lot of sweaty people on a Saturday night including a man who was so pungent I had to move to the front row.

I learnt how to bend my finger backwards and balance like a tree although my body was so damp my leg kept slipping down my calf.

two days of such intensity I feel sick.

All that on one and a half hours sleep and three alarms to make sure I didn't miss the car to get me to the work on time.

Now I am absolutely shreaded.

I have tasted the fruits of the Beeb and I like it. I cannot thank all my loyal listeners enough.

LV made me cry. Nick made me cry. All of you from Lindy to Pam touched my heart.

I am truly grateful for your support.

Roll on next Sunday, which may well be rubbish, since I'll have a whole week to get nervous again.

I am, however, dealing with my endorphins diving, my adrenals shrivelling and my eyeballs closing from the aforementioned crap I've been eating.

I'm am now a tweeter because Tony Blackburn told me I had to be. I will now read my facebook more because my producer told me to, although I will continue to write my blog because I like too. All that and hot, sweaty Bikram too.....

But you'll have to excuse me I need another tweet. Damn that Tony Blackburn....

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1. At January 9, 2011 10:18 PM john green wrote:

hi Jeni was a wonderfull sunday morning haveing you back on our airways having you on while i walked my dog tony round finsbury park was just a wonderfull thing this morning it was like fiding a ture and valable freind afetr a long time wish you well dear Jeni and all your family xx

2. At January 9, 2011 10:25 PM rhianon wrote:

Well done on todays show. I really enjoyed it. You're up and flying again now. It'll get better and better and better.
You know by now that we all think theres no one to touch you. Now thousands upon thousands of others will hear for themselves and will have to agree that you are the best. Simply miles ahead of other broadcasters.
Proud to be one of your mad army, Jeni. Proud.

3. At January 10, 2011 2:32 AM Shelley Pedersen wrote:

I was pleased to read this and immediately googled "Jeni Barnett, BBC" and found out you had a radio show, I will listen to it on the iplayer.I am in the US now but I absolutely loved your food show on cable TV and somehow came across this blog which I dip in and out of. Great news, enjoy the beeb work, and Happy New Year.

4. At January 10, 2011 3:28 PM Lindy Fleetwood wrote:

How on earth can you even consider that you will be 'rubbish' next Sunday ! you will be amazing. I have joined Twitter but have no idea how to use the thing, neither does daughter in her twenties !! maybe you could send instructions in plain English! Just wish I could be out and about as much as you are. Mind you I have been very very brave and booked a two week holiday for later this year in the UK, just need some of your supernatural gumption now. Love to all xxhugxx

5. At January 10, 2011 4:16 PM William wrote:

Welcome back. Loved it and listened again on IPLAYER.

6. At January 10, 2011 5:17 PM Pam wrote:

Come on girl you were great - even my old git said it was the best Sunday am listening he had had for a while!! I came back from the 'allotment' - well I had to tune in the radio down there and get some leeks - to find him listening, another convert.
Seriously - it was so good to hear you - you hit the spot in those of us who have a tad of spirituality and are not afraid to share that - bless you.

re the yoga - try Hatha as well - will email you
luvly lady


7. At January 10, 2011 6:19 PM Adrian Appley wrote:

Blimey, no wonder you felt sick ! What an awful combination of so called food. Not for me Kid. What is this Radio London thing ? I must tune in when I return home from India in March. Today I went to meet Petrie before her show but I met James Whale who informed me she was already in the building so I left her a letter and CDs. It would appear that the Ferrari has poisoned the presenters against me because of the letter I wrote to him so now I cannot contact any of the presenters. What a nasty creep he is.
Happy New Year,
Adrian from Bromley.

8. At January 11, 2011 9:59 PM Maureen wrote:

Hi Jeni
You were great on Sunday! Fantastic to have you back!
Love from Maureen in Shepperton

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