Bend it like Bikram

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 10 January 2011

Drove the car belonging to Gods Gift, he was still in bed when I left.

It was so good driving something that worked.

My little Red Nellie is still in the garage all her parts were held up because of the snow.

Drunk a litre of greens - yuk - then set off just after 9.30 to get to Bikram in Balham.

The class was not too top heavy, being a Monday morning, and the teacher - an offering I hadn't met before - was calm and gentle.

The geezer in the front row was small and lithe. I don't wear my glasses in class because off all the dampness round the face, so I had to squint to double check I wasn't seeing wrongly.

I was in fact seeing rightly when the teacher called him by his name and told him how good is sntansanduriapanansa was - something like that anyway.

Toby Jones, my husbands son in THE PAINTER was bending his body in Balham in my Bikram yoga class.

The great thing about these classes is that we are all sweaty, semi-naked anonymus individuals together from fools to farriers, from actors to accountants. Nobody talks, nobody connects, but we work as a group. I love it. The class lasted its customary 90 minutes.

Having laid down in the relaxation end-of-class-pose I left to get back to the flat. I put on my clothes over my very wet yogic outfit, a massive parker type coat over the top and a big white towel wrapped round my head. I shuffled past the Halal meat supermarket, I never have any cash on me but the veg and stuff is wonderful. Into Sainsbury's car park. Slid into the seat and then attempted to drive safely whilst wrapped up like a mummy.

Took me twice as long to get to the flat where the 'oosbind was still in his dressing gown. I told him that his acting son was up and out at the crack of dawn to which Gods Gift just snorted....He is playing Daddy Turner to Toby Jone's 'William Turner' at the new Arcola. They open on Friday, unfortunately neither Barry nor B can come they are buggering off to Brixton and Brum. Too many B's for my liking.

I made a big crunchy salad and watched the one o'clock news. Bankers and *ankers in Tuscon. Turned off the box so I didn't get too dischuffed.

My wonderful treasure turned up at 3.15, cleaned the flat and left at 6.00

The Gift of God is rehearsing until late, the Lozzie lodger is cutting my hair, my third chapter awaits and so does a big bowl of something that I will prepare when the kitchen floor is dry.

I am waiting for news of a close relative who has just been shipped into hospital. This could be the first shock of 2011. Candles lit.....

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1. At January 10, 2011 11:33 PM LV wrote:

YOU did great job on Sunday Jeni. It takes balls of steel to allow others to see how nervous/fragile we are.
Life is one giant unfolding paradox. While you were bending like Bikram, I bent it like a wormhole.
Not happy with kicking me in the jackson five days before Christmas. The uuugly bug came back ((with it's mates!#) just after new year and absolutely kicked the **** out of me. Iam feeling much better and on the rise again. I assume that means i have won the battle and that i must have ripped it's f888ing head off. How dare it come back and try it's luck with me again! --Secondary infection/attack is what the doctors call it. #I've got another name for it!)) Clearly i have never experienced flu before i only thought i had. The last six days were like a surreal blurr. I had lost all sense of time and space.
It reminds me how immensely strong yet vulnerable we are, All at the same time. Waliking, talking paradox's every one of us.
Tomorrow really is a new day, new dawn. -And i really am feeling much better.
Love and Light, LV

2. At January 11, 2011 1:15 PM Lindy Fleetwood wrote:

A thought Jeni do you ever spend a day simply doing absolutely nothing? you are like a whirlwind constantly, I would love just a quarter of your energy. Positive thoughts heading towards your unwell relative. Love to all xxhugxx

3. At January 11, 2011 5:18 PM Rhianon wrote:

L.V., I had flu too. Before Christmas. It really knocked me out. As I like to burn oils, ( yeah yeah, ageing hippy, I know!) I thought at Christmas I'd burn some Frankinsence. I don't know if it's coincidence but I started feeling much better. I asked a friend of mine about it and he said we really don't know all the properties of oils yet, but Frankinsence is regarded by many as a good oil for helping clear infections. Have a bash.

4. At January 12, 2011 8:38 PM LV wrote:

Thanks Rhianon, I'll get some. Frankinsence has the most wonderful scent.
At the moment I'm 'smudging' with Sage. The inscense from sage clears all the negative energy residue that any sickness leaves behind. It 'cleans up' after the storm. -And what a storm it was!
Love and Light LV

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