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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 3 October 2010

Duddleswell Cheese is a creamy white concoction made from sheeps milk.

I bought some from the Old Spot Farm shop when I went to collect another batch of gluten free chicken sausages. That's dinner tonight. Whilst driving I listened to Johnny Vegas on 'Desert Island Discs'. He described his choice of music as melancholic, and talked about never thinking he would ever find love. As the rain pounded down on my little car, PULP accompanied me through The Ashdown Forest. A comforting experience.

I can't believe I really am at home. My body is still in work mode, I'm still thinking I have to pack for the flat, read the papers, get geared up, but it's strangely okay.

For lunch I went out into the garden and picked four apples off the tree. Most of the apples have been blown off their flimsy branches by the wild wind and rain.

I had a chunk of Duddleswell and my own home grown apple - not that I had anything to do with it, nature takes its own course doesn't it, doesn't need any interference from me - .it was delicious.

Tonight we are going to open a bottle of champagne. Always a great tipple to have when there is sadness in the air. Not that I'm sad, just saddened.

That's it I'm off to prick the bangers....

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1. At October 3, 2010 9:30 PM LV wrote:

JENI, Champagne, bangers, the Ashdown Forest, Pulp Fiction- no i got that in the wrong order that's why i feel dizzy!
Well said woman. You chastise your critics with great humour, irony and humility.
Where is some peoples humour and sense of irony? I wish folk would learn the difference between judgement and discernment. And stop using their own trauma, pain and disappointment as a yard stick to measure the intangible, the immeasurable unknown in others. It's BAD MATH!! A puzzle they will never solve with bitterness. 'If you don't know the rules....your in the wrong matrix.'

I suggest we all serve ourselves a larger slice of that cake called LIFE. And enjoy every delectable scrumptious satisfying moist mouthful. So the heart is full, no room for bitterness and poverty consciousness, #-which has nothing to do with money or politics.#
Keep banging that drum Jeni, it's your life, your tune, your music, your dance, your artisan kitchen and your gluten free bangers! And you can prick 'em if you want to.
AND i hope it's designer sack and ashes your wearing while baking that cake of life! There are standards that must be kept up at all costs!

Oh, the irony of it all, i can't take it...enough again already.

Love Light and PEACE PUDDING, #even to the 'underclass'!!#

2. At October 3, 2010 10:25 PM Rhianon wrote:

There is a great butchers in Saundersfoot. Their pork sausages with apple are fine indeed. I don't think they're gluten free. Or low salt, or low fat, or healthy in any way. But, Duw, they're nice!
I envy you a place to get lovely cheese. Perl Wen is nice here. It's a kind of Welsh Camanbert! Does that sound daft?!! It does, doesn't it? but it's a good cheese. From Camarthen area, I think.
Regards to all, especially good to hear from our dear Kirsten.

3. At October 4, 2010 10:29 AM Angi wrote:

Is it an Aries thing, my birthday is two days before yours. The last three years have been dreadful with four major operations and now for the first time in my life I have absolutely no money at all but it's taught me to look at the things that are free, a beautiful sunrise, a lovely walk kicking the leaves just like I used to do as a child. Is someone up there trying to bring us all back to the things that really matter and not the material wealth that we all used to crave. Thanks for keeping me cheerful these last few years and long may you do in the future.

4. At October 4, 2010 1:29 PM Kirsten wrote:

Hope you enjoyed your bottle of bubbly last night Jeni. It's been ages since I had champagne, something I may need to rectify at Christmas. :)
I went to the Hungarian Treasures at the RA in Picadilly yesterday - incredible! And thrilling to see so much art that was new to me. Do try to see it Jeni.

Hello Rhiannon & thank you. Things are not as great as they could be, but I'll say no more in case I get accused of moaning. :) Wishing you a great week.

PS I'm fairly sure that if I start saving now, I'll be able to afford a bottle of champagne for Christmas. I'd hate anyone to think I was living beyond my means, not that it's any of their business of course.

5. At October 5, 2010 2:34 PM ann hamilton wrote:


I was so sorry to learn that you have left LBC. So suddenly too, I couldn't believe it when you disappeared without trace. I used to listen to your programme avidly. I always liked the way you were so passionate about your topics, and the way you made your studio guests so welcome and showed you were really interested in what they had to say. Not like some presenters I could mention! I too have sent e.mails to the complaints dept. and all you get is a snotty reply. My husband regularly would ring up James O'Brien's mystery hour with questions, and since my complaints his calls have never been returned. I wonder why!!
PLEASE keep all your fans up to date with what you are doing and when we can hear/see you presenting again.

I have just made a saucepan full of your favourite, chicken soup, and I'm not Jewish!!!! I still think it is a cure all though.

While writing this I am listening to BBC Radio 2!!!!!

Wishing you and your family well.

Best regards


6. At October 13, 2010 3:41 PM annie Hardy-Gillingham wrote:

Joining the ex listeners to LBL 1pm -4pm was very sad to hear the sudden changes of presenters with no explanations, the afternoons are not what they were. Wish you the very best of luck for the future whatever it may bring.

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