Mary Poppins and me

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 6 May 2010

The ceonathus along the riverside walk is in full bloom I had to take a photograph. American Lilac is its common name but there's nothing common about the blueness of those delicious flowers. The Wisteria along Cheyne Walk, especially on the walls of No.17 and No.20, is so prolific that it takes me five minutes longer to walk to work as I have to stop and smell the vines of the delicious violet flowers. There was a typo in this mornings paper describing the flowers as violent!

This morning I took the No.19 bus as I had a pre-rec. with Dame Julie Andrews and Rupert Grint.

Interviewing is always a pressure. I read up my notes minutes before the interview so that facts and figures are fresh in my head. This morning I had ten minutes to bone up on Dame Jules. A wonderful woman who made me feel welcome. She is, of course, a legend in her own life time. Starting , as she did, at the age of ten standing on a beer crate and singing her heart out. I can now put on my CV that I actually interiewed Mary Poppins and Mrs. Von-Crapp. Mr. Grint - the ginger one in Harry Potter - is on the rich list. 20million quid at the age of 21, for standing in front of a green screen and pretending to fly on a broomstick. Not bad eh? He was delightfully inarticulate which is what you would expect a multi millionaire actor to be.

But for the last three weeks work has been testing. Not one word could be spoken out of turn because of 'The Representation of Peoples Act', all the political parties MUST be given equal air time. Nothing out of place. You can imagine how tricky that is for somebody like me as I never know what I'm going to say next. Even when I do know what I'm going to say I'm often completely bamboozled by what comes out of my own mouth.

We all know that it's going to be close call, one day to go and we find out who our new leader (s) will be. Steering clear of politics though has been a blessing in disguise, I've been able to talk about wonderful topics like soul-mates and the burka ban, the Asian bug that's eating into Wisteria and death....

This week has been strange what with the drop in temperature and the Bank Holiday. My Magnolia tree in the garden has dropped all its petals. There's a pinky-white spread all over the lawn, I wanted to mow but the gale force winds and arctic temperatures confined me to the armchair and Philip Pullman.... I had a house full, which was lovely, after food around the table and some good chat the holiday weekend was over. I set off to the flat at 8.30 on Monday night. All was going well until I got ten miles from the cottage and there was a tail back on the A21. I turned round and went back to the cottage so that B could travel behind me.

Instead of going right out of the cottage it was left into deepest, darkest Sussex. Across country through Withyham, Hartfield, Edenbridge and Limpsfield Chart. Down dark, meandering roads, over hidden cross roads, through narrow lanes until we hit the A22 to get us into Central London. Bee took over and I followed her through Croydon by the time we had gone through Norbury and Streatham it was 11.00 o'clock. I walked into the flat and felt like I had traversed Siberia.

Yesterday is a blur. I took a taxi back to Battersea after the show and just managed to contain myself before I chucked up, it was a real kitchen sink drama....Porridge was the answer. I laced my colon with good old Scottish oats and felt a lot less queasy. Actually I could do with a bowl right now I'm starving but its 1.18 and it's too late to eat.

This evening I had a RAIKI session. I have no idea what it does but it certainly feels wonderful. Noni, a REIKI master/mistress brought up her big green table, unfolded it and put it in the middle of the sitting room. I lay down, facing west, my feet to the river. She did all sorts of blowing and rubbing and by the time the clock struck 10.15 I was well and truly cooked. That's why I'm hungry , she energised me -instead of sending me to sleep I'm ready to run a marathon....

Tomorrow it's more interviews and whatever we can find that doesn't over-step the political mark. The old git is coming up from Sussex to vote in Battersea with me, it's a marginal seat. Then its off to the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn for some culture. The 'oosbind has secured himself a dream job. Two Shakespeare's which perform in the open air in castles, if you don't mind, starting out in Norway, heading for Prague and ending up in Arundel. I'll have to get my snood and bodice ready if I'm going to picnic in regal surroundings.

I apologise for being so lax in my blogging I have been rearranging my life but it all seems to be settling down. It's this new food regime I'm on, not much of anything but loads of greens, it means I'm running around like a blue-arsed fly buying up cucumbers and avocados like they are going out of season, sprouting my own seeds and soaking my almonds. Whipping up green smoothies and drinking litres of green power, my body doesn't know whether its going or coming.

I had to visit a colonic irrigationist. Am evangelical nurse who placed me on her colonic table handed me a pipe and told me to shove it where the sun don't shine, turned on the tap then gave me the Bible. Reading St Matthew whilst 17 quarts of warm water are pumped around your colon has to be one of the more bizarre experiences of my life.

Travelling to Tottenham for the privilege did bite into my day but well worth it, talking of which, well done you Spurs for beating Man City. Dan the Man, my gorgeous nephew, tells me we have to beat Burnley and Fulham have to beat Arsenal then we go above the Gooners in the league. It's all double Dutch to me, I learn it parrot fashion, but I'm told this is a good thing so....

I must go to bed now I have to write up my journal and try and sleep.

I'm looking forward to putting my X in the right box tomorrow, and by that I mean putting my X in left box not the right box. God Forbid I slip and put it in the right box that would not be right but just plain wrong....Ssh! I am a broadcaster and must remain impartial. Yeh! and pigs might fly....

See you at the ballot box.....

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1. At May 6, 2010 2:01 AM christian wrote:

Jeni You should send the politicians to the bible bashing colonic lady. So they too could have a colonic. Then they would stop speaking shit.

2. At May 6, 2010 7:46 AM Lyn Misselbrook wrote:

Well done to Jim - let me know the dates for Arundel it woud be great to see him!
love to all Lyn xxx

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