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Wednesday morning I took the 8.15 -170 bus - nowhere to sit, although a lovely young hero offered me his seat. I preferred to stand as I had to drink 1.5 litres of water before I arrived at Destination ERROL DENTON. Got to Victoria but there were so many people I jumped into a cab. A tenner later and I was at No.1 Harley Street.

Errol called in on Monday to talk about microscopy whilst we were discussing how we have become a Nation of pill poppers. As a microscopist he reads peoples live blood samples and then advises on a regime to get the body better. Thousands of patients have written glowing testimonials about their ability to re-write and re-live their lives, with the help of Errol. Looking at your own live blood under a microscope and seeing the poor blood cells struggling to stay alive is about the most salutary experience I have ever had. I am not a hypochondriac but I am interested in optimum health. Arriving at the other end of life I invested in Mr. Dentons experience so that I can carry on for another 60 years…. Thank God he telephoned the show otherwise I wouldn’t have made the appointment. Coming face to face with your own mortality is not the easiest thing to do on a Wednesday morning. But I’m ‘bloody’ pleased I did.

Errol is a wonderful communicator his website is worth a perusal.

Now when I got to work a young scientist had written to me telling me to beware of charlatans like Errol. That he and live blood analysis were a sham. Well we'll take a punt on him. Why? Because i trust him. My acupuncturist trusts him, but then I know many scientists get the needle when acupuncture is talked about.

Yesterday I felt wrecked. My blood needs a good clean up. This time I have to take it seriously, so its out with wheat and meat , cakes and ale, nectar, ambrosia, bangers and mash and crumpet.
If it takes 120 days for the blood cells to renew themselves then roll on June. If we have a completely renewed body every seven years my ninth cycle comes up in 2012, just in time for the Olympics - I may be asked to carry that flame round Stratford....

Last night I was invited to the fifth birthday of BILLY ELLIOT. Blimey but those kids can dance. David Walliams sat to the right of me, Tim Healy to the left and Elton John stood on stage looking every bit the elder statesman that he is. He looked shy, spoke wonderfully and kept pulling on the waste band of his trousers. If I didn't love him before I certainly did last night, The show was, as you would expect, touching, rousing, fun and when the letter from his 'mam' was sung out there wasn't a dry eye in the house. I snivvled all the way to the interval.

Bloody stage mothers!!! Over caked, over baked and over here....

Today I walked to Clapham South station, meandered in, interviewed Alex Preston about his book 'The Bleeding City', a fantastic rewad. get it, he's young and needs the push. I did the show then took the 22 bus to Kings Road. I got caught in the downpour with my bag of Rococo easter eggs and struggled towards the 170 as the heavens opened ( my mothers expression) Thunder and lightning ripped through SW11 by the time I reached the flat the faux fur on my cuffs and hood looked like a very wet ferret.

I've emptied the fridge, done the washing, re-watered B's Mothers Day roses, and Jim's red birthday spray - they are all papery and past it but they look wonderful. I put out my eight pots of herbs that my girlfriend sent me for my birthday, they are on the window sill in the spare room, cleaned the sink, emptied the bread bin, put on my pyjama bottoms and green 'v 'neck sweater and now, at 21.10 I'm setting off for home.


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Happy belated Easter to all.
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