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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 4 March 2010

Tamsin Greig, Harry Lloyd, Gemma Arterton, and Rupert Friend, stood on the stage at THE Garrick Theatre and entertained a good house in THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED. Written by Douglas Carter Beane, now I was tired so I really was expecting the worst..

I didn't get back to the flat after work. Somehow I couldn't muster up enough energy to get back to Battersea to then return to Leicester Square, that's how lazy I felt.

So I had supper at 'Food For Thought' in Neil Street. A mother and daughter sat at the next table. We were in spitting distance of each other, literally, it's a vegetarian restaurant, there's more oats and granola on the floor than an Oast House in Lamberhurst. The daughter, clearly the Coxs Pippin of her mother, father, and Brown Owls eye, scriked on about her trip to Oxford University, this charmless child, with little wit, represented the privileged sector. All grade 'A's and no sense. Her voice that could scrape candle grease off a refectory table saw the Rastarfarian on the next bench push his Eaton Mess round his plate and nearly onto her lap. That's the problem with little restaurants you get caught up in conversational fall out.

I did not want to hear quite how clever, excited, super her trip was. Why? Because I am a bitter and twisted old lady who wants education for all not just the chinless wonders of the world.

I was cold, I even had to buy myself a pair of gloves. 3.99 from a little shop on Charing Cross Road. the vendor lied to me I asked for the smallest pair and he gave me a pair 'These are the smallest' he said having riffled through the gloves hanging on the rack. His assistant told the next customer they were a one size fits all. Anyhow they're much too big for me I look like I've been let out on day release.

I walked to 'Fioris' and nursed a glass of hot water and lemon, caught up on my phone calls and sauntered of to the Garrick for a 7.45 kick off. I even bought a programme for 3.50....

I was fully expectng a West End performance, all form and no content. I was expecting a fatuous exercise of fluffy nonsense that would see me leaving in the interval. I could not have been more wrong. I Loved it.

If you get a chance go along. The acting is cracking, the directing sharp, the set white, the comedy flawless, the ensemble playing inspired. the story cute, the Greig sensational, the Lloyd and Friend witty, the Arterton, given that she is a filmic kinda bird, lovely.

I didn't move a muscle until just after 9.00

Even the strawberry ice-cream at 3.00 was an unnecessary treat.

A small tub of whipped up milk for three quid. I don't normally tot up my evenings entertainment but gloves and programmes, taxis and supper set me back more than if I had sat in the Royal Circle, next to the Queen eating a handmade bar of nougat from Paris, having tipped the hackney carriage forty quid for the privilege. That did not stop me, however, from jumping into a taxi turning on the heater and see the lights of London disappear behind me.

I finally got to bed after some writing and a bowl of cornflakes.

This morning I wakened at 5.30 meditated, then went back to sleep.

I'm off to the office and more chat.

Do join me on LBC 97.3. John Barryman joins me with chat of grannies, aunts and 'Desperate Housewives'

He's tanned and lovely, if I were thirty years younger and a bloke I'd jump on him, although I did jump on him. Thank God he's been working out otherwise he would have crumpled under the weight.

JB meets JB - inspired casting yet again......

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1. At March 4, 2010 9:40 AM kerri wrote:

Hi Jeni, I have the same problem with gloves and always buy an extra small size. A few years back i was at my friends, who had a pair of gloves on the table, i tried them on and they fitted wonderfully, i commented on this and couldnt understand why she was laughing at me? They were her daughters age 9 to 11! Maybe you should try that!
Looking forward to John Barryman. Take Care. Kerri xx

2. At March 4, 2010 10:46 AM Hymie wrote:

Hi Jeni,

I love John Barrowman too!

Jeni Barnett + John Barrowman = Talent!
Hi Rhianon,
Had a great day thanks. My ex partner thought I had lots of money and my grandparents were Jewish so he nicknamed me Hymie Goldbloom, although we're no longer together (Thank the dear Lord) the name has stuck with me.

Have a great weekend,


3. At March 4, 2010 8:14 PM Marmite wrote:

You are so lucky I love the Greig....she's hysterical the best Nigel Slater ever even he had to leave the set! and I love John Barrowman, I would have jumped him too! I'm green with envy AGAIN
Much love

P.S. Did you ever find BB a birthday present????

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