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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 21 January 2010

When the old git dies I'm setting up home with Jeff bridges. Ewan McGregor can polish my pantry and George Clooney can do whatever he likes.

'Men Staring at Goats' is a wonderful film and so is the Prince Charles cinema, off Leicester Square. 7.50 a ticket, a heater in the auditorium, cup holders for your tea and Dolby sound that makes the film all encompassing. The young staff are passionate about the independence of their cinema and I applaud them. Hurrah for small business entrepreneurs who care about their customers.

I wandered down to Piccadilly to St. James Church, for a concert for the 'Breast Cancer Charity'.

Lisa Friend played her flute like an angel, her father Rodney Friend wrung out every last drop of sentiment from his violin, pianist Mark Kinkaid was ably assissted by his page turner who clearly had a very bad molar as she was pulling at her top tooth and grimacing all the way through the Morricone. Didn't detract though. The cellist Martin Radford, is the partner of Shakeel my dress maker. Most of the music made me cry. The acoustics were beautiful and Miranda keys opened her lungs at the end so we all ended up in the roof with the angelic throng.

Lisa is jewish, most of the audience were Jewish, I sat with my muslim dressmaker, and we all wept in a Christian Church.

Talk about music crossing barriers. Had I known it was going to be so moving I would have sold boxes of tissues at the door and given the proceeds to the charity.

It's four minutes till friday so I'm off to read THE DARK MATERIALS. Oooh! It aint alf good mum.

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1. At January 22, 2010 6:23 AM christian wrote:

Hey Mrs be very careful how oyu Stare at the Old Git, he may just stare right back at you.

You know who Odd Those Yorkies are ha ha

2. At January 23, 2010 7:38 PM Rhianon wrote:

We saw Men Staring at Goats a couple of weeks ago. We have a cinema group for our ladies and gents at the centre. Our bunch also enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes film. We're booked for Avatar next week......
Music does cross barriers, you're right. I'm sure pianists all over the world, be they Catholic, Jewish, Zen, Muslim or athiest, have had their patience as well as their technique frazzled by Liszt!

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