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Today I shouted on air.

I shouted about 2.5bn of our tax payers money being abused. Taken from Universities so that it can be spent on what?

A Trident perchance?

A bloody missile that nobody can use.

I want my children's children to be able to learn in places of excellence with good tutors, good text books and good sense.

I am sick and tired of my money being used for middle management to manage middle England. The 'Peters Principle' is when we rise to the level of our own incompetence - I rest my case.

The second hour was devoted to Mr. David Cameron and his assertion that children need warm, loving families and by so doing wealth becomes secondary.

Tell that to the one in four children, surviving in London, who are living in Poverty. I am sure Mr. Cameron has got his heart in the right place and I mean that literally a place where the Right simply don't understand what the rest of the body politic is needing.

Not that I have anything against Eton, Harrow or Winchester, it's just their ex-students patronage is not my idea of a serious Government who represent my needs.

We concluded todays three hour stint with Tonbridge Boys School who are taught meditation by a teacher of 'Mindfulness'. A teacher of mindfulness, if I believed in Public Schools, which I don't, I would send my son there, if I had one, which I don't. I've been meditating for over twenty years. It helps me deal with the stresses and strains of life like the Politicians who care more about their billing than our bills.

I left Global Radio at 4.00 and, on a whim, decided to see AVATAR. I had four minutes to buy a ticket for 22.50 - yes really - pick up a pair of 3D glasses, take my seat in the top circle, settle back, watch the British Board of Film Censors tell me the film was suitable for 12a year olds and then embark on the journey into Pandora.

It was a film about American Imperialism, humanity, war, love, science fiction, energetic tree roots and a lot of blue paint.

I loved it.

To my astonishment I found myself crying at the end. It could have been that I missed three phone calls from the old git, but I don't think so. James Cameron should pat himself on the back, and I do mean James not David. I am not a bit surprised that the film has grossed more than the ten yearly income of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

I urge you too see it, I know you really don't want to but it's not what you think. It's a block buster that makes you want the good guy to win. Sergourney Weavers lips have gone a bit thin but you can forgive her that given her sympathetic portrayal of a botanical genius who uses her science for the good of all.

I left the odeon and grabbed a taxi half expecting to see flying Pandorans up the Mall, instead we were stuck at the lights by Buck House. I wondered if Her Madge has seen AVATAR. I think she'd like it a lot it would give her an insight into what Harry, her grandson, has been up to.

I'm going to bed now, up early to continue writing an after dinner speech for a dinner that may never happen after all. Still there's no harm in flexing my mussels.

night night.

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1. At January 13, 2010 1:38 PM Anonymous wrote:

Dearest Jeni - happy new year once again. I went to see Avatar on Boxing Day in a small cinema at the Barbican. It was still fantastic even though it was more or less the identical story as Dances with Wolves and I loved it.
Aidan is appalled by the proposed cuts to universities as am I. It's interesting that it's the Baby Boomers who never had to pay fees & had a full grant who are now managing what appears to be the greatest debacle in education for many a year! If France, Germany and the US recognise that higher education will act as a springboard for a stronger economy why can't we?
Wild as the wildmen in Borneo of Wapping ... xxx

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