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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 16 December 2009

I must go to bed soon, am up at sparrows fart to get to LBC Towers early to interview Catherine Tate.

I've eaten the last of the fish pie and a persimmon/sharon fruit or kaka depending on where you were born..

Took the tube back from the Angel. Intended getting out at Clapham South only a very distorted voice said distortedly; 'We wevgtf stoiippun at Clajhgshn Sotuhgfsd.'

I asked a bleary eyed geezer sitting opposite me what the announcer had just said and he slurred pefectly. 'We are not stopping at Clapham South.'

I got out at Clapham Common and grabbed the first black cab that came across the common. Not literally he drove round it.

The cabbie took me left when he needn't have done, right, over several road humps and into the back of beyond. I asked him politely, it was late after all, where he was taking me. He asked me whether I took the journey regularly.

'Yes, why?' I replied.

'So we can discuss the fare when we arrive.' Was this man haggling with me I wondered?

I told him I usually pay around a tenner to which he replied 'Okay.'

Actually I had no idea how much it cost since I have never taken a black cab from Clapham Common in the middle of day let alone in the middle of the night. Anyway I thanked him for being understanding and asked for a receipt for 10. We were both relieved. I just hope I didn't overcharge myself.

I had taken the tube at The Angel. The North London underground platforms are so wide, in Sarf London you're lucky not to be pushed off accidentally round the Oval.

I went to see Matthew Bournes 'SWANLAKE' at Sadlers Wells. The building is all new and spacious looking and feeling more like the South Bank or The Barbican than the luscious little theatre it used to be. I do not like the foyer or the bar area. Most of the audience looked snotty or trendy, not unlike yours truly, but I went with a very experienced choreographer who was unphased at the barre and was quick to help me through all the step ball changes.

I love Matthew Bourne, but I didn't really care for his wedge of Swans. I was not delighted by a semi-naked, lardy-white, corps-de-ballet, with feathered trousers pretending to be water birds. And the central relationship, between two blokes is okay if you're another bloke that likes blokes but I wanted a bit of a love story with plumage on. The costumes were wonderful, if a little monochrome, and I wished the choreography had taken on board that Tchaikovsky was Russian not from Canal Street in Manchester. I was hot and bothered and not a little perturbed at the raggedy bits when the signets arms didn't synchronise. I can see why Mr. Bourne comes highly recommnedd but I'm afraid, and I didn't realise it until tonight, that I like my classical ballet classical. I'm just tu-tu traditional.

Earlier I met up with B and one of her new friends from HMV he is happy, huge, honourable and a nice addition to her happy-pal-club. 'Fiori Corner' is turning into my temporary office space....

B is cold in her flat and very poor. I fancy she's being overly 'Puccini' about her life but being cold and poor in Hackney is par for the course if you want to write good songs.

It's past midnight and tomorrow I am cooking supper for two actor chums. I panicked about what to cook but whilst watching the Swans do their flapping I stopped mine. Supper was staring me in the face, I'll buy two tubs of chicken wings from M&S (pass it off as my own) and serve them up with wedges - of potatoes not swans - a little Russian Salad and hopefully my guests will balaika it!

до свидания

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1. At December 17, 2009 12:51 PM bonnie wrote:

i agree with the comments on swan lake...its a man thing....
i was just sad that i cared no more for the characters or the story than i would in a traditional ballet, and as you said, the execution and the choreography wasnt ground breaking. If it wasnt for a pair of leather pants, a plunging bum line on the fluffy pants and a few neck isolations....whats the big deal? However...i loved the first 40 minutes or so, the ballet scene was genius, set and costumes to die for. And you Jeni, are also to die for!

2. At December 17, 2009 6:03 PM Kirsten wrote:

Hello lovely! I hope you've made it home safe & sound by now & I'm sure your guests will enjoy their supper. I agree with you completely about Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake - it's clever, but for me, it's completely emotionless.
In case I don't get a chance to visit between now & you-know-what, I want to wish you, the Old Git, B & all your loved ones a VERY happy Christmas & warmest good wishes for 2010. I wish the same to June, Rhianon, Marmite, Fee & everyone who reads your words of wit, wisdom, passion & peace. Here's hoping for a bigger, brighter & BETTER 2010 for all of us. Love & light.

PS One of these days Jeni, you & I are going to be in Fiori's at the same time & I will ask the staff to bring you anything you want as a gift from me!

3. At December 19, 2009 9:04 AM Marmite wrote:

Nicely said Kirsten, I would like to add my warmest wishes for a lovely Christmas and a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2010 to Jeni, the Oosbind, B and to everyone in Jeni's extended blog family, we're a cracking bunch aren't we?.
Much Love
Marmite xx

4. At December 19, 2009 3:01 PM Rhianon wrote:

Hiya Kirsten,
Have a great Christmas! Lets hope for a better year next year than this stinker!
All good wishes to you and yours, also June, Marmite, Chrissie, the boys and of course you, our dear Jeni. Christmas love to you all. xxx

5. At December 20, 2009 5:53 PM June wrote:

Hi Jeni

Just wanted to wish you and your wonderful family all the joys of the season and every happiness throughout the coming year.
This also applies to all the lovely people who post comments here, especially Kirsten.


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