Uncle Vanya

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 6 November 2009

Just got in from 'The Young Vic' where the old man is in a workshop production of 'Uncle Vanya.' Interesting. The cast are strong.

A dreadful moment when one of the actors had to cook macaroni cheese in an onstage microwave. In real time. In real space.

The smell of the cooking pasta made me wretch. Then when the actor bit into the macaroni cheese it stuck to the roof of his mouth.

It was hot like melted plastic.

It was so hot that he could hardly speak his lines.

Two girls sitting next to me laughed, it was infectious. The three of us were uncontrollable as the poor man attempted to speak Chekhov with a mouth full of molten cheese.

When I told B about it, I was sitting in the back of a taxi, I laughed hysterically, as did she, as did my taxi driver.

Of course it wont happen again so don't go thinking that you'll see a repeat performance. I hope they nuke the macaroni for less time during the rest of the run.

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1. At November 6, 2009 11:09 AM Kirsten wrote:

Me again. I've just booked to see Uncle Vanya tomorrow night at the Young Vic. Looking forward to it.

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