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I am so stuffed full of 'Maltesers' my mouth feels like a facial loofah. My mouth feels like a facial loofah because I went to see 'CHICAGO'. So antsy was I that I needed chocolate to pep me up. I was antsy because 'CHICAGO' is not really my box of chocolates. Don't get me wrong, it's good, it's very good the dancers are superb, the musicians expert, but the whole evening feels a little like my 'Maltesers', overly sweet on the outside and just a little too light on the inside.

I had great tickets, Row J. with enough leg room and a cool drink which the Irish boy who sold it to me apologised for. 2.50 for a plastic bottle of water. I sat in front of three women of uncertain age, who talked at the beginning and then faded out It turned out it was only our little quartet that laughed at the jokes, which indicates the audience demographic for you. Would be Roxy Hart's and several skinny men who fancied themselves as Richard Gere. Indeed one of the dancers had such a huge codpiece I nearly asked for one portion with a bag of chips..

I'd parked the car on Waterloo Bridge which had the Thames and surrounding buildings as the most perfect backdrop. The OXO tower all lit up pink, half a moon, and the Gherkin skyline looking more like New York than New York. I felt like a tourist. London really is the most beautiful city at night.

It's half eleven. Jim's on his way to the cottage. B is walking back to her flat having been to Abbey Road to see Deedles, ( my old roomie) record a track for her new album. My daughter gets disgruntled when she sees other people doing what she should be doing. I say 'should' its what she really wants to do. I have to remind her that Di has been playing the violin since she was 14, after ten years it's fitting that she is on her third album. My daughter, on the other hand, has just left university with a bucket load of songs and a dream. As Juliet Cameron says in 'The Artist Way', when somebody makes you angry and jealous its just reminding you of what you should be doing.

I walked into LBC today. Fast and focussed. Down Cheyne Walk, past the Physic garden, past the Royal Hospital, past all the antique shops and into Daylsford Organics. I bought a bag of walnuts, a bag of sunflower seeds, a bag of dried things with mulberrys in, which look like witchety grubs, a big cucumber and a bunch of celery.

It's funny how people look at you when you are eating phallic vegetables Nobody bats an eyelid at a mango but shove a cucumber in your mouth and the tittering can be heard from here to Tooting.

But my eating has gone potty recently. I ate my celery whilst power walking through St.James Park, the geese and ducks gathered round for a good look. I devoured my cucumber on the 170. When i arrived in the flat I snacked my way through a dozen gluten free crackers with butter, a tin of creamy tomato soup, an apple, and a lump of cheese. I need a holiday.....

Prostitution and assisted suicide were the main topics on todays show. I am delighted that Ms Purdy won her court battle, hopefully her husband will no longer be deemed a murderer should he be required to help her die.

I talked to the Alecky, the director and Debbie, the actress from THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. Fascinating. Verbatim theatre, where Alecky records real words, edits them and then the actors speak over the actual text. They wear headphones throughout. Not acting being...Staying in the moment, never learning the script. We did it in the studio with me talking and Debbie speaking a second after me, it was funny and very tricky. The subject matter is simple enough. Women who are prostitutes, working for themselves, making money for their families, providing a service. The calls that came in were wonderful, men who were supportive of women doing the oldest job in the world, and women defendng their right to be sex workers.

Of course I was sympathetic, its a mans world and sometimes women do things that are deemed lawless to feed their families, who am I to judge?

When we do contentious topics it exhausts me, hence the Maltesers and crackers. I need a holiday and then it'll be watercress at dawn. Right now I need my 6 footer albeit without the old git. I still miss him, he loves it that he's 50 miles away he cant hear my bellyaching.

I'm going to bed now with me book and a belly full....

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1. At July 31, 2009 1:32 AM christian dion wrote:

Weren't you the original Roxy Hart or am I going batty? x

2. At July 31, 2009 4:30 PM June wrote:

Hi Jeni

Roberta for Minister of Education I say. How wonderful to hear some old fashion common sense. We need many many more Robertas.
Have a delightful weekend.

Love June

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