Bee's buzzed off.

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 12 July 2009

First it was movng all B's stuff from Brixton to East Sussex.

I spent a whole day sorting socks, pants, bras, t-shirts, scarves, socks, t-shirts, pants, track suits, scarves and 53,000 trainers.

From Battersea to Brixton from Brixton to East Sussex, a little lawn mowing to keep me grounded.

Today it was East London to East Sussex. Yesterday it was South to East, East to South and East to home.

If I ever see another big plastic bag again I will throw myself off B's new Hackney balcony.

Well the balcony's not new, it's had years of itinerents tramping up and down, throwing rubbish down its chutes and spilling the beans over the stairs. B has found a little flat that is cheap enough to begin her new life.

This is it.. Today I closed down her bed in the attic, returned it to its futon state.

Hoovered away 22 years of girlhood grime and put the pillows and duvet in the cupboard.

Jim and I travelled to Hackney in a full Jacmobile. We scrubbed the lavatory, hung mirrors, made the bed and filled her fridge, sorted her socks, pants, bras, t-shirts and 23,000 trainers.

She set up her sound system and smiled all the while. She is delighted with her new residence paid for with her own money. She's terrified she's not going to make the rent, but then we've all been there.

She's hung fairy lights everywhere, filled blue glass bottles with candles and put lillies in a vase.

She begins her new life with no job, no boyfriend, no University, no money, but what she does have is enormous faith in her future.

I've just called her to say goodnight.

She's eating salad at midnight, her room is aglow with her duck lamp she's had since she was tiny. Nothing new, she said, I want my old things around me.

I'm going to bed, maybe its the new moon tomorrow, but whatever it is I feel wierd, or should that read wired....

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1. At July 13, 2009 10:33 PM Marmite wrote:

I love how it's still the Jacmobile! Hope the empty nest isn't too tough for you my lovely! How is Jim's eye?
Marmite xx

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