Hot stones

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 11 April 2009

Have you ever had a hot stone massage?

One of my birthday gifts was a session with a massoose down in Hersmonceaux.

I lay on my back on a bed of hot stones while other hot stones were rubbed into other parts of my aching body. Then I turned over and put my head through a hole so that my back could be done.

After 80 minutes I had lines round my face from the hole's edges, I looked like I had been branded by an indigent South American tribe. The heat running through my body felt warm and flowing. I felt stone-cold/hot sober but also whoozy and wonderful - just wlhat the doctor odered.


I don't remember driving home.

The white clematis is out on the cottage wall, the old mans back tomorrow and I'm preparing for Dr. Who?

That's it till after Easter.

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