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Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 20 March 2009

There's a boy in Bow who holds cross-stitching classes.

Instead of making traditional samplers of 'Home Sweet Home' they make samplers depicting dripping blood, Banksy and anything that is 'anti-craft'. He grew up in Belfast but was taught to sew by his adopted grandmother in Arkansa.

Sitting on the rocker over-looking fields of deer as the coffee bubbled on the stove Philip was inspired to take out his needle and threads, come back to East London and teach people how to be subservise with their cross-stitching.

28 year old Philip - and I can't remember his last name - fired me up. If you arn't coming to me on March 26th, go to him and get out your needles.

All his details are on Go to my web page and all will be revealed.

I've been walking into Leicester Square every day. My back went on Wednesday so I had to take the bus, but I am perfecting my route.

Through Victoria, through St. James Park, through the archway into Pall Mall, up towards the Haymarket Theatre, left into Panton Street, past Sunset Boulevade. and I'm there.

I have got addicted to Pret a Manger's Oat and Granola tub. 1.77 for a pot of grains, a squirt of skinny milk and the patience to let it stand for 10 minutes, and then you have the mushiest, most delicious breakfast. B tells me they are owned by McDonalds, which disturbs me, that there is sugar in it, which double disturbs me, but ethical eating goes out the window after the first mouthful.

Yesterday I found a hair in the granola. On Monday I get a free tub for reporting it but not making a fuss.

On my way in this morning Mario, from Croatia, accosted me outside the bank on Pall Mall and asked me the way to Ronald MacDonalds. Why, I asked him, did he want to eat rubbish. Because, he said, he lives by the sea in Croatia and he only eats fish. When in Blighty he wanted to do what the Blights do and eat the famous burger big-mac. I held his arm and guided him to Piccadilly and went on my way. I wonder what I would have gone searching for in Croatia certainly not a lousy hamburger.

The show was good, my back is bad, but tommorrow I see my osteopath. I hope he can put me back together for next week. Have a good evening.

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1. At March 21, 2009 6:57 PM Stephanie wrote:

From a quick read, MacDonalds lost their 33% interest in Pret when it was sold on in February last year -'s

Thank goodness. I like Pret. I don't like McD...

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