twitter or be damned

Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 8 January 2009

Cirque Soleil, Sunset Boulvevard two totally different experiences.

One was big, in the Albert Hall, acrobats, ropes and headless overcoats, the other small, intimate with a team of actor musicians who somehow managed to make love whilst holding a trumpet.

Both recommended.

I am,understandably, ready to put on my pyjamas and start work on THE FAIRFIELD HALL gig, on March 26th.

In fact I am just aboout to take a call about 'Twittering' so that I can fill the place.

I know I'd never heard of twittering either - its the new thing that everyone who is anyone is doing.

Clearly not knowing puts me somewhere between the 'Y' fronts of celebrity and the bottom of the sea. But by 10.00 this morning I will be the worlds best twitterer, or not!!

have a good day. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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